Friday, March 26, 2010

Gettin' with the Times

I am jumping into this and going to see how fantastic or not so fantastic it may be; ) I live in GA, currently at Ft. Gordon as a Christian stay at home mom--yes a SAHM--OMGosh, really--yes! I have a 2yr old boy, Ayden and a furry "toddler" boxer, Trigger whom is 5 yrs old. I have been sewing for 2 yrs and absolutely enjoy it fully. I have started quilting and I am always looking for someone to share quilting with as newbies together...hahahaha!! Having a little one for Ayden to play with wouldn't hurt either while we sew/quilt; ) So come along on my journey in blog world for sewing, quilting, gardening,cooking and whatever else I am willing to devulge to my fellow bloggers. God Bless

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