Thursday, May 20, 2010

peek a boo : )

Under a month and the top is finished, had a few scary moments as this is my second pieced quilt, miscalculating the stitch length to be used and some recutting.

When I return from my 2 weeks in WI, it will be time to finish piecing the already started backing and then sew the binding on. 

Side note: I would like to know how others get their quilts to hang outside so flat for photos---feedback much appreciated!! 


Molly said...

Love this quilt!! The colors are so bright and happy. I can't wait to see it all finished up and bound.

I have two of my sons hold my quilts over the porch railing. One of them is really impatient though so I only get a quick shot or two!

(I thought I left a comment but it never appeared. Sorry if I left two!)

moose and bird said...

Your quilt is looking lovely Sara. I can't help with how to get a nice shot though as I have never made such a big project. Good luck! xo

Terriaw said...

This quilt is so cool! I love the blue in between the whirligigs. I've seen a lot of people holding their quilts like this too, some clip it to a fence, some hang it from a clothesline up against their siding. I like it photographed the way you did!

Jo said...

Fun Quilt! Just wanted to let you know you are a winner on my blog giveaway you can check it out here:

Ariane said...

I love it! It's a beautiful quilt.