Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday cooking and baking

Not so much quilting as there is time being spent in the kitchen part of the house these days.  I love soup as you all know and I love to bake.  Therefore, the house has been smelling terrific with the aromas of pumpkin apple soup and molasses cookies!  Yum! 

This was from an issue of Taste of Home.

Someone know of any really good soup cookbooks?

Easy to make-- ooooh sooooo yummy in the tummy!



Anonymous said...

Does look yummy !!!

Stephany said...

oooooo! Are those Molasses cookies? you mean you baked some and didn't bring me ANY!!!????

Teri Strange said...

Those look great- You are a talented young lady! Love you! ♥ Teri the MIL!