Friday, July 9, 2010

Chance to win on Sew Mama Sew

  • How did you select colors for your personal thread collection?  Whatever project I am working on that is the color I will choose to purchase
  • Do you always match the color perfectly to your project?  for the most part yes
  • Do you ever use contrasting thread?  I am trying this method out more and more.
  • Do you use the same color in the bobbin as the upper thread?  Yes always
  • What if a fabric has big areas of very different colors?I pick out the one that pops the most to me.
  • Do you have any tips or suggestions about choosing thread?  Make sure you are using the right thread for the correct project:)
  • Can you show us a picture(s) of your thread collection?  unfortunately not now
  • Do you ever buy thread because you fall in love with the color (without a particular project in mind)?  not really, but I have been eying up the two toned thread for some time now
  • Do you “invest” in thread? no--need to!
  • What types of thread do you have? (elastic, quilting, all-purpose, wool, etc.)  all purpose and quilting

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