Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daddy's Pick;p

My dad ventured into a quilt shop in WI with me when I was there over a month ago-- already.  He saw this flag hanging on one of their walls and thought that it was really pretty neat.  So I searched some for the pattern and bought it.  Now there are some new techniques on this pattern that I am trying and A LOT of cutting was involved, but TOTALLY worth it.  It's going to my dad when it's finished.  As he said, "Maybe Labor Day he can have it?"  Shooting for that date right now.

I have started on sewing the star pieces together.  My points aren't perfect, but then again who is--HA!  I am enjoying the fact that I know how to piece them together though and they are fun to work with.  ONLY thing is getting that 1/8" seam allowance to cooperate through my machine on such a small rectangle that I am working with here.
Pic I found (not mine) to give you a visual of what I am shooting for.

Just so you know I have been working on my ornament for my partner in the ornament swap and all I have left is the framing.  I also did a secret, small gift for my partner as well.  Hope she likes!!  Very excited for her to see it soon.

Little off the subject--- if anyone has a pattern they could share with me of the Pincushion Caddy created by Anna Marie Horner in her book Seams To Me  I would love to have it.  What are you looking for?  Maybe I can help YOU out.

Well I am off to wake my hubby and the little one,

Take care and may your day be with joy in everything!


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