Saturday, April 30, 2011

Growing and GROWING

See all those little green guys in the pic?  Those are radishes peeking at you:p  I believe it has only been a week since I planted.  All that peat moss and garden soil must be doing its job well!

Their main purpose is to protect the squash from bugs and such and the squash is planted in the center of  each of these "radish circles."  What to do with all these radishes when they get bigger?  Salads yes, but what else....hmmmm?

Spinach for muscles, great with some minced garlic, little butter, salt and pepper (ok now my mouth is watering)

Thinking these are my carrots OR it could be one of the two lettuce types, not quite sure yet

Ayden likes his carrots AND peas.  So here are some peas please!  We had a pretty bad storm two days ago and that is more than likely why these guys have been pushed to the surface some.
Another pea opening in the sunlight.

Peony pic showing time!

These are the beauties that were blooming a week ago from my peony bush that I purchased from a local nursery.  They have been cut and placed inside my home.  The only reason they were cut was due to their bending stems because I honestly had anchored them with ties around that green pole you see in the pic too tight.  AT LEAST I got to enjoy them inside though---they smell wonderful!! 

No worries though, of course because the green leaves, the plant itself is doing great outside and I am hoping to get some more buds in the near future.  I have a peony bulb planted on the other side of the house.  Nothing poking through the ground yet.  Still hoping!

I HAVE to add some fabric love in here too!!

Sandy Gervais Lovely (from my MIL and FIL sooo generous of them!!)  Don't you love the little red roses, bouquets of flowers, delicate and pretty, blue, red and yellow.  Love it, love it, lovING IT!!!!

Ok, OK I got my fabric show and tell fix I guess;);)

What are you dabbling in today on this beautiful, sunny Saturday?




Andi said...

It's always so exciting to see little green leaves start to come up! You might want to tuck a little extra soil around your exposed peas so they don't dry out in the sun.

The fabric is pretty, but not as beautiful as the real thing - I'm loving your big, beautiful peonies too!

Sara said...

OH good idea, I am thinking of getting some more mushroom compost to put around some areas as well and mulching the in between rows.

Rebecka said...

Your Peony pictures are so pretty. Your fabrics are great. I like Sandy Gervais fabrics too.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Your veggies look great!