Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Secret Garden No more!(he,he)

Garden time!    The whole garden this year is going to be strictly experimental!  New house brought construction site dirt which wasn't pretty in our case.  I tilled this area about 6 times, let it sit for approximately a week in between each tilling.  We have gone through 6 bags of peat moss, 8 bags of garden soil and finally 2 bags mushroom compost.  The mushroom compost is going to be what I will stick to solely next season if it works well in the far left section I placed it at.  It has all the special ingredients my clay soil craves.  Gypsum for air flow, peat moss, limestone for acidity balance in some areas and so on.  At only $5 a bag too....next year I am going to price a truck drop off of this stuff though.  Learning,learning, learning as I go!

The tomato plant we bought from one of our favorite nurseries in town now:)  It is about 4' tall and then some give or take.  It is adjusting to it's new home and I was told to water it every day really well for a week and then cut back some after that.  Crossing my fingers she takes!  I also bought some bamboo stakes for support while she grows some more.

 This poor tomato plant was stepped on by one of our fence workers while they were installing it last week.  I brought it in and place it in some water, changing the water every day and in three days this took place.  See all those white roots---eeeeekkkk!  Also, more leaves have grown in, when I first received this plant from a friend there were two leaves, one being pretty beat up:(  She has come a long way so far.  That is the beauty of growing things though isn't it?!  (This morning I found some brown looking things on the bottom of one leaf,pulled them off and there were little clear bubbles left over,puzzling)<-------Any ideas what that was all about??

I have planted and labeled everything in the garden.  I have the sunburn to prove it--I know naughty me for forgetting the sunscreen:/  There are peas, butterhead lettuce,romaine, 2 kinds of squash, cayenne peppers,anaheim peppers, jalapeno peppers, radishes, carrots.

The cilantro and strawberries were bought for a $1 each at Lowes.  If you have a gardening chain store like this near you I suggest you go and take a looksie at some of their roll around carts sometime.  They almost always have something on clearance for around a $1 or $2.  

Believe it or now this one had one foot in the grave when I purchased it.  I pinched off the brown,dead parts and it rejuvenated itself quite nicely;)

Another two weeks and a picket fence is going up around the garden.  My boxer has taken a liking to eating these (who needs to watch for deer when one really needs to watch for a dog!)  and runs through the garden:/:/
  Another veggie I picked up a couple of days ago are some shallots for a buck.
These will be oh so yummy in That's Shallotta recipe done by Rachael Ray:)
Our sprinkler system is getting some of the garden once a day and then I have been watering the whole garden every night after the sun goes down.  I am thinking that I need to get some stepping stones soon as well.  It has been fun trying to maneuver in the sometimes squishy dirt trying to get all areas watered and not step on seeded areas too much:/  

If you look on my sidebar to the right, you will see a pretty button for gardening.  This series was started by Andi over at Laundry on the Line.  Go take a looksie to see HOW HER GARDEN GROWS!

Also, if you have any tips or want to share your garden make sure to tag along!  Once you start, you won't be able to stop. I Love to garden:):)  How about you?

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Andi said...

It looks like you have a wonderful start on your garden! I, too, enjoy buying a few plants on clearance at our garden centre, for a dollar or two it gives me a chance to experiment with plants I wouldn't grow otherwise. Shallots are onw of my favourites, too. Thanks for the peek at your garden!