Saturday, November 19, 2011

To Loom or to Sew that is the Question:P

Once again I have to risk it and say there has been no quilting goin' on 'round here lately!

There has been some of this though...

Clown pants for my son??!!  Not really, just a mommy who can't figure out her son's measurements properly?  I really am at a loss for that,so I took some of his PJ's that I had made last year and laid them on the fabric and cut using my rotary cutter.  Hey!  It worked..look.....

The elastic waist band will bring in that wide tummy area you see too.  *Thumbs Up*  Mind you this is a trial pair that I am using as a template for the real pair I am sewing out of this fabric:

Sarah Jane fabric is priceless:):):)  Hope to get those going soon and with this tutorial here, they are SOOOO easy that when you get finished cutting and sewing you are like "Wow I am done already!" 

BTW, if anyone has some insight on measuring a child let me know please!

As I was slacking taking my time on the Pj's I decided that a new hobby was a must----lol!  A friend of mine kindly talked me into it...I blame her;)  hehehehehehehehe

End result of new hobby: loom knitting 

Satisfaction guaranteed:)   My stitches are so uniform you can't tell where I goofed...............maybe I shouldn't say that.....................oops I did :P  Not much room for goof up on this simple e-wrap stitch though.  I want to play around with some new stitches already.

Yarn is now becoming a new obsession interest too.  **Who,whaaattt**  Never!!!!

So soft and I wore it last night out for the first time and received some compliments;)

Hooked on Looms..........................................

yarn from Michaels on sale

New knitting project...

red and green scarf for Ayden..."Mommy can you make me a scarf too?!" 

Ayden to cuddle with and a loom project---nothing better.

Perle cotton #8 arrived at my door the other day and they have been staring at me in all their cuteness ever since. 

Must make quilt for them soon and then we  can play stomach is doing somersaults thinking about it.

With JOY,


Suzanne said...

I just love the Perle cotton - the colours are gorgeous.

Sarah Craig said...

Wow, Sara, I love your loom scarf! I've been doing a little knitting myself this week - maybe I'll show it on the blog soon... Good luck with those pajama pants - it's hard to get kids to stand still enough to take good measurements! Whoop whoop!!

Jessica said...

Clothes are so hard to measure but it looks like you figured it out! I'm in love with your scarf!! It's so pretty - I've also caught knitting fever, I understand! Also, that is a gorgeous picture of you :)

The Hobbit said...

Yarn fever is a dangerous thing. I'll be thinking of you should I be in Jo Anne's Michael's or parusing my favorite site Knit Pick yarns.Hmm I think I might be obsessed too. Enjoy the new hobby.Always fun to try something new.