Saturday, November 26, 2011

A few treasures

Although I have a cold again I am making the best of it because it is my Birthday today ya know!!  Pizza ordered in sounds terrific to me tonight! 

My sweetie had some GORGEOUS flowers ordered for me that came today and they smell amazing even with my cold.

Stargazer lilies are stunning.

Ayden could not get enough of how good they all smell and "Mommy,mommy these are so beautiful!!"

For this week I have completed some projects and started another quilt using some------------------------wait for it-----------------------------------------vintage sheets! 

a finished scarf for my handsome boy as an early Birthday gift to him...his special day is Dec. 22nd:)

AND some rocket jammies which fit his body perfectly--more of those to come I do believe.

Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn with a simple EW stitch again.  This was the closest I could come to a red in cotton,but I like the variations in color and the feel of it overall.  Next one I am going to make it a tad wider.  This one measures in at 17 pegs and about 10"long.  I see these on Etsy all the time and they look so plush and wonderful.  Now I can make my own!! 

Vintage bow ties using my vintage sheets is very lovely indeed.

Smallest pieces I have worked with,but no complaints here.  Taking my time piecing these together.


Brita said...

Love the look of vintage sheets in patchwork, nice! And happy birthday, hope you're feeling better soon.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Happy birthday! Lovely flowers and cute little guy! He and my hubby share a birthday:)

I'm intrigued by the loom knitting...I watched a video to learn what EW stitch was. I may have to give that a try.

Bethany said...

I saw this on facebook and started following you! I love the red, white, adn blue!

Sarah Craig said...

Happy birthday, Sara! I hope you've had a wonderful day!! Your flowers are lovely, I love the scarf you made for your son, and that quilt looks like it's going to be gorgeous! Whoop whoop!!

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Happy Birthday!! Your flowers are beautiful.

Mama Spark said...

Well, Happy Birthday!! Those flowers are drop dead gorgeous!! I love Stargazer Lillys. I hope your birthday was great!!

Paulette said...

Happy Birthday, Sara! Sorry, I'm late getting around to blog reading this week, so they are belated but heartfelt wishes.

I think your bowtie quilt with vintage sheets is going to be very cool. Happy stitching!

Terriaw said...

beautiful flowers! What a treat to have such fresh, fragrant flowers around the house. Hope you enjoyed a happy birthday, in spite of being sick. Love that red and green scarf!

Rebecka said...

I love your flowers and a belated Happy Birthday! They are beautiful. I know they smell wonderful. You have been busy. I'm loving your patchwork with the vintage sheets.