Friday, February 3, 2012

Away I go!

The Quilting and Fiber Arts Marketplace was in town last month.

I haven't had the chance to go to one of these before so I jumped at the opportunity to beg my hubby to go;)

There were 3 aisles chocked full of fabric,notions,yarn,felt,sewing machines and lots of women trying to get their hands on all the enticing goodies!!

some basics I have been craving and an adorable embroidery pattern

I mustn't leave out that there was a stage in this gymnasium that was filled with more women (of course) and sewing books,fabric and notions!

Riley Blake,Caleb Gray and other fabrics AND some hand dyed embroidery thread-stunning
 There was some Lecien prints as well and other Japanese fabrics.  I was VERY good about that.  Secretly,though, I wish I would have grabbed some now:(

To top it off I had the whole morning and afternoon to myself!  Grandpa and Uncle took care of Ayden------lucky,lucky me:):)

 I dreamy is that?!!

I missed that little guy though so it felt good to be home.

A couple weeks later the sun was shining and Ayden decided he needed to take his bike out for a ride.

Ya  know us mommy's need our breaks......

And then we return refreshed to our babies!

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Bits of Stitching! said...

Wasn't it great! Those are very nice goodies! I went a couple of years ago and had a blast... is sooo difficult not to bring too many goodies with you back home... LOL. Hubby and Dd went with me and they enjoyed it too.