Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hubby is home!!!

That is what has kept me from my little area of the blogging world these last couple weeks.  I will blame it on him;)  Honestly life has been really good!!

another Angry Bird by mu-aw and after cutting the pattern three times he's done! stinker! Managed this one before daddy arrived home

Ayden has started Preschool.  It took him about two trips to school and he has been hooked ever since!  hehehe  He has learned the letter "A"  and "E" so far.  They have a "new" snack every week which has Ayden's attention!  He had blueberry muffins today and he said we need to make those for next time.  I did find this watermelon cake though that daddy and I are going to take a crack at first and then the blueberry muffins I told him:)

Three hrs, twice a week constitutes for just enough time for him to have play time, learning time,snack time and a couple other things squeezed in there.  That also gives this mommy time to come home and do a work out and whatever else I can get in.  Not much,but it is a great 3hrs to have quiet time for myself! 
http://www.danamadeit.com/2008/07/tutorial-simple-pajama-shorts.html  same tutorial I used for my PJ shorts
Buzz Lightyear!!  lol  These bugger did not cooperate very well:(   First, I cut the pattern wrong from a pair of his PJs he already owns courtesy of my sewing skills or lack there of!  I had to fib a few of the crotch lines to make it work.  My next boo boo was when I thought my son had no waist or a VERY tiny one.  So I had to cut the waist down about 2" to compensate which messed with the length.  *Maybe I should stick with quilting!*    Soooooo I played a slightly smart move and decided instead of eating up too much fabric in the waist for the elastic to go in, I will use a skinny fabric drawstring.  Wait a sec though!!!  The fun did not end there you see--haha!!  Where is the drawstring going to go through?  I need to make a buttonhole.  Lesson learned after about 3 attempted buttonholes.  Too may lessons to bore ya'll with here and now-lol!  Point is the buttonholes are in and that is WHAT matters:):):)

They are done.  The boy is quite smitten with them and so what if one of the legs is about 1/2" or so shorter than the other.  OY vey!!!

Side note: Ayden wanted Christmas PJs first off,but I couldn't find enough of the fabric that he wanted in my stash or online.  A trip to Joann's will have to be made in order to get some Christmas fabric;)  

Back to really relaxing sewing  *For me at least!*  I bought some of this Kona turquoise up at Joann's a couple weeks ago and started on it yesterday cut,cut, cutting away 5 3/8" squares and laying them out with all the umbrella cuteness.  I wasn't very satisfied with the layouts I was punching out.  hmmm......  Hubby said they looked best with a repeat pattern, a turquoise square every other umbrella block.  One of the many reason to like hubby being home:)

Enough for a small baby quilt or something to wrap/cover  the baby in while he/she is in their car seat.

I am pondering a turquoise border and then one of these umbrella prints for the outside border.  Decisions....

As for outside in the garden, here is something to ponder:):):):):):):):):):):)
I have been dreaming of these hydrangeas for a couple seasons now.  They had absolutely no potential for blooms at the beginning of this summer and now look at it!  The hydrangea in the front yard is a different story,but it probably has to do with the fact that I replanted it up there at the beginning of this year.  Hoping next year it will put up a fair fight!  The white and red beauty behind it is my zinnia flowers that poked themselves out of the ground last month with a vengeance!  Love'm! 

Come back soon I will be posting about my paper pieced Good Luck Star project next!


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Linda said...

LOL! I have told many people that sewing a quilt is much easier than sewing garments! They just don't believe me, but it's true. My thought is that pajamas don't have to be perfect! I'll bet your little guy loves them just because you made them for him. They look great from here!

Nat at Made in Home said...

Love the pajamas! If he loves them, that is a success! Enjoy spending time your husband!

Impera Magna said...

A great big WELCOME HOME to your DH!

Garment sewing is a completely different ballgame from quilting... I went from dressmaking to quilting and still had a lot to learn!

Kids love special jammies... and I love making them for the grandkids...

Jessica said...

Woohoo! Glad you are enjoying :) I need to make that watermelon cake - it looks divine! And the pjs are adorable :) It's just like when people say, "oh they won't notice that mistake" haha, your son doesn't mind ;)

Terriaw said...

Yay, happy to hear your hubby is home!

Paulette said...

Whoop-whoop for hubby being home! And isn't it nice to have his input when it comes to your quilts and fabrics too!