Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Charming Travelers Luckie Duckie.....

Blogger Congrats to Tammie!!

 craftytammie said...
i made a background board for photos - just white foam core, and i attached a couple different 12x12 scrapbook pages to it. so i have a few choices for a quick snap, either white or the paper! this is a fun idea for a swap!

 Hey girl you won!!  Send me your address and I will send you the pretties.  OH and pretty please stop by From Blank Pages and let Diane know that you are the winner and to fill out the winner form so she can keep track of where the charms stop:)

Bloggers you can still put your number in the hat by following the party on over to Tammie's blog and enter the Charming Travelers there.

Thank you all for playing along and giving me some great photography tips too!!!  I love discovering new ways to take photos:):):):)


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craftytammie said...

i got the traveling charms yesterday - so hard to pick which ones to swap! i just posted the giveaway on my blog too :) thanks a bunch girl!