Saturday, August 18, 2012

Psssssst,pssst.... Over Here for The Charming Travelers!!

How did I get these charms you may ask?  Well from Pam over at Mama Spark's World if you really must know folks!

All this awesomeness originally came about from this smart lady at From Blank Pages named Diane.

Enticing right?!  I thought it was and so I entered to win and now I am  here with some beauties burning a hole in my hot little hands!

Who wants to be a winner???

Maybe you (pretending to point)....or you or YOU!

So want to know what you have to do?

Doh...of course we are all hungry for fabric.  All. the. time. Right?!

Leave me some kind of comment perhaps about photography tips (I need all the help you can venture up), maybe some FMQ patterns/styles you like, whatever you like...those are the top two right now:) and a contact email please.

Oh and you must actively blog cuz isn't that where it's at anyway!!

One whole week to enter so plenty of time to procrastinate enter this fantastic deal!

If you win I will send the pretty charms your way---there goes that enticement again;)
Pick out as many as you can't live without and then replace those with charms from your stash.  There should be 56 charms in total when you ship them out to the next luckie duckie.

**Don't forget to do a post like mine to get that next winner.**  

Over at From Blank Pages, she is keeping track of all the winners on a map.  
Our package is the blue one, which means USA and Canada only. 

There is a red pack for international and you can always go to FBP blog 
and see where the charm packs are so you can have a chance to win. 
Luckie Duckie gets to choose from:
What I took out:
 What I put back in:

Comment away and maybe leave some great tips too


Why not?!!!!!!

Deadline is August 25th and then I will shout out the luckie duckie!



Jessica said...

Ooooh you know to count me in! I'd love to win :) You have my email ;)

Bailey said...

I don't really have any photography tips and I admire any kind of free motion quilting because I don't do it. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Bailey_Burwell05 @

Paulette said...

Photography tips, hm? Well, I would say use natural light as much as possible and take more shots than you think you need. You can weed them out later. Oh, and get familiar with your camera settings. I'm still working on that last one myself and I've had my same camera for years!

craftytammie said...

i made a background board for photos - just white foam core, and i attached a couple different 12x12 scrapbook pages to it. so i have a few choices for a quick snap, either white or the paper! this is a fun idea for a swap!

Debbie said...

A photography tip I read over at The Pioneer Woman lately is using what she calls 'the skim shot' - having your camera level with the item you are photographing, so you are including a bit of the background in the room. I think it's an interesting perspective & I've been playing around with that...

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

You don't want any photography tips from me! So the only tip I can give you is. . . don't leave your shoes out in the rain.

Ariane said...

I would love to win!!! My photography tip is to take you pictures outside in natural light. If you don't have that available, you can use a big box, and make a light box. Here's a tutorial.

LethargicLass said...

I'm hoping you are still asleep and I can sneak my comment in LOL... for photography always try to be right in front or over your quilts or blocks so you don't get the "trapeze" effect :)