Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just Rosy

Roses are very photogenic beauties from God.

Whisk me away to a breathtaking garden any day and I will be just fine

Even though knockout roses aren't really for picking as table arrangements in the home.  I may break that rule.  Is there a gardening police?  There isn't a quilting police!  Too bad it is raining heavily outside.  Rain is good.  But this girl needs her roses!!!  What to do?  What to do? 

There are days like these, though that we all need some roses in our lives.  The days when our 5 yr old boy decides to be helpful (we are certainly at that stage) and pour himself his own cereal.  Why in the living room?  On the carpet?  Only Ayden knows this.  Just as the box says, Smile.  Right??!!!  Accidents happen.

Maybe my new mint plant purchase will serve me well in a mojito later. 

Sigh......I am not a drinker per say folks, honest, but that mint plant is sure calling my name today!

 This Dancing Stars quilt top is begging me to do otherwise.  1 1/2 stars to go and each of  the 25 stars will have a navy blue outline. 



Terriaw said...

Roses really are a beautiful flower! We have knockout roses in our garden too. They produce lots of blooms in the heart of summer. They also attract Japanese beetles like crazy, so I'll have to get control of that this year. I always enjoy seeing what's going on in your gardens.

Jessica said...

Lol. Go have a nice drink :)
The roses and quilt are GORGEOUS!

Jo said...

I have a 5yr old - I know that stage. I have also just completed the dancing stars quilt, yours look gorgeous

Kelly@ My Quilt Infatuation said...

Great quilt top! Your color choices are so cheery!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Oh the dancing stars are gorgeous!!! I'm not a drinker either but I went to a cinco de mayo get together on Sunday and had a margarita. I definitely could use them more often. I've been pregnant or breast feeding for 7 years and kinda forgot just how yummy they are!

Do you have an Ollie's near you? They have roses that will be marked down to 99 cents in a few days. I have at least 10 roses in my yard an some just Walmart $5 plants and they are just as pretty as the $20 garden center varieties. None have bloomed yet but soon! I got that window hummingbird feeder and they Are already drinking from it!

Leanne Parsons said...

Ever heard of a 'hindersistant?' That's a helper who actually makes the task take longer or who makes more work - exactly like my 5 year old too. And yet, we want them to help, don't we? Your dancing stars are fantastic. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Love your dancing stars. They are beyond fabulous.

craftytammie said...

I have several of those "helpers" around... love your quilt!