Friday, May 31, 2013

More NC Quilt Symposium and Hummers Among Us

Like I said in my last post, I have quite a few more quilts to  show you from the NC Quilt Symposium.  The one above really sings to me with the pretty colors in it and those half stars in pink are so wonderful!!

Houses win me over every time these days:)  Miniature log cabins and courthouse steps.

A quilt dedicated to the Sandy Hook Elementary children that have died.  Very powerful.

Please,please click on this quilt!  It is VERY exquisitely done with some sort of rhinestones in there as well.

The one and only Dear Jane quilt present at the symposium and it was so fun to look at it!!

I enjoyed all the action going on in this small wall hanging.  See the child flying a kite with his parent and the para gliders? 

Ayden really liked the kitty quilt.  All the paws are terrific!


Recently,we picked up a hummingbird feeder.  Then we developed patience and about a week and 1/2 later we had some females hummers make an appearance.  Ayden and I were glued to the window watching them fly around the feeder like little kids that have found candy!  The female above looks like a soldier to me ready for a sweet drink.

 She's moving in.

"Hi ya lady taking a picture of me," she says.  I like to think:)

She does this over and over.  And over.  All day back and forth to the feeder.  Over the course of a week, she has brought two of her girlfriends along with her.  It is so exciting to watch them and sometimes if we are outside we can even hear them chirping at one another.  They are probably asking each other when they want to meet at the feeder again.  Hey!  You never know.  lol

We had a really good, long time friend (he was in our wedding as Josh's best man) in town these past few days.  We met his wife and had a great time with one another visiting,eating and roasting marshmallows one of the nights they were here.  They were also able to enjoy the hummers as they showed up each day.  His wife especially got a kick out of them.  So it is truly  a great investment on every level in teaching children about birds, for entertainment and also relaxation in watching the hummers peaceful ways all in one!

I haven't done too much quilting recently,but I have started piecing my rows together slowly in the last day or so for the commission quilt.  I am beginning to see some major progress.  I will be sure to share some pics soon.

Until then,


Here is a pic of one of my tropical looking lilies this year.  You have to snap a pic early in the morning or else by nightfall they will be closed up for good until another opens. 

Richard and Tanya Quilts


Stitched With Prayer said...

Oh my gosh! great pictures!!! We have four feeders up in our back yard and one of them hangs off the end of the awning on our deck. We sit out there in the mornings and the evenings and it is so much fun to watch these little beauties visit our feeders. Many of them get so used to us that they fly right up in front of our faces to see who or maybe what we are, LOL. Often, they get so close that we can feel the breeze from their wings. One afternoon, we had eaten lunch out on the deck and I had brought our plates in and as I stepped up to the screen on our sliding doors to step back out, there was a little young one trying to land on the ear piece of my hubby's glasses, he said he could feel it's wing fluttering against his face, and there I stood watching and looking at the camera outside, on the table *sigh* so there are no pictures of that visit. I realize now that even had I been outside, I wouldn't have tried to get the camera because I was afraid that if moved, she would would fly away!

Jessica White said...

I'm always blown away by the Dear Jane quilts...they're incredible!

I love your log cabin and courthouse steps...there's always something so homey/inviting in those quilts!

Susan at said...

Looks like we went to the same event!


I think it is cool to see which ones we both picked out. I remember seeing all of the ones on you have posted as well. I kind of regret not taking pictures of ALL of them. :)

Lana said...

I found you from Crazy Mom Quilts..such a lovely space. I am going to be a new follower.

Paulette said...

Your birds and blooms are looking good (next post too)! Fun to see what quilts you enjoyed at the symposium.

Britt G. said...

I can still remember when I first saw a hummingbird - I think I was 5/6. I was so amazed - it sticks with you because they are so beautiful and unique.

Snowcatcher said...

Gosh, you've blown me away with those hummingbird photos. How wonderful it would be to be able to watch them out a window that close! And those quilts in the symposium... Wow!