Saturday, September 21, 2013

In Stride

This week has gone by pretty darn quick with a meeting at Ayden's school one night, a turkey parade another and yesterday a turkey dinner at a local school that went along with the week that they celebrate their Turkey Festival here.  Now if only the upcoming week will sail by!  Next Saturday will be the BIG day for my ultrasound.  The one where I find out if Ayden will have a little brother or a little sister.  This is a very clear moment for me as I of course went through the same feeling with Ayden before we knew what sex he was going to be.  I must say it is truly one of the best feelings EVER!  Either way, boy or girl I am ready for the big reveal!  Feeling extremely blessed to be pregnant again!!

I have plenty.  Yes plenty of sewing to keep me busy and there is always Ayden to keep me moving and grooving as well. 

 I am working on my curves with my new Quick Curves ruler and there are many to be cut.  It's almost like I have my work cut out for me....hahaha  I couldn't resist;)  Once I changed my blade out for a new one, it was so much better too.

I also had to cut a whole lotta squares and then crosscut them into triangles which then are shaped with the ruler.  There are are also strips cut into rectangle sizes that need to be shaped as well.  Like I said LOTS of cutting.  Preciseness is key here.  At least Christmas is a few months away right?!  

Hey!  Where did these Christmas trees come from and why are they on my cutting table? 

This is a commission quilt for a sweet friend of mine from MOPS that I started the other day.  You may remember these guys from last year as I used them in two quilts.  One was auctioned at MOPS and the other was made for my shop.  My friend, Yvonne was really wanting one since she saw those two and so she asked me to sew one up for her home during the holidays. 

This white polka dot print is going to be the background color.  Isn't it super cute? 

That is what's keeping me busy.  What have all ya'll been up to this past week?



Little Lady Patchwork said...

I can't wait to hear the big news!...and I love the white background.

Susan at said...

Neat! I love the trees! :)

Impera Magna said...

Not long now to find out... so exciting!

The Quick Curves ruler looks cool... I'll have to check it out...

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Oh! Can't wait to hear if you're having a boy or a girl!! Exciting!

Paulette said...

That IS a super cute background for some cute Christmas trees! Love what you're doing with the Quick Curve too.

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I recognized the Christmas tree quilt right away. If you make another for the MOPS auction I will certainly buy a ticket!

Are you ready to share if Ayden is having a brother or sister? I can't wait to find out!!!

I got that quick curves ruler, too. Is that rotary cutter one of the small ones? I bought one but it cut like *cr@p*. I didn't buy any new blades for it though. Mine is a Fiskars so maybe some new Olfa blades would help? I ended up just using my regular cutter, which worked better. What are you making with it?

hydeeannsews said...

that ruler looks pretty cool! I've yet to attempt curves but I bet that helps a lot.
how did the ultrasound go?!!!