Saturday, October 29, 2011

All around me

Trees are not only outside of my home,but also in my sewing studio these past few weeks.  I am detecting a theme.  Hmmmm....I think I am falling in love with trees. 

Lots of pinning was used for this tree skirt,but I enjoyed taking my time every step of the way.

My new Rowenta led me along too while pressing these cute little trees.  I had to have it!  It was on CL for $10---YES this iron retails at $100 and I got it for a major STEAL!!  It works with a bit of my trusty starch oh so darn well I will happily remark!    I really like that it is 200 more watts of power than my old one and that the sole plate is bigger too;)  No changing settings either every time like the old one.  I plug her in and go,go go!!

When I wasn't admiring Rowenta,I decided to rearrange my studio.  Is it the Fall cleaning bug?  Ahhh well I needed a change and this is what she looks like presently.  I am thinking of getting a 6ft fold away table though.  That small one there shakes on me every chance it gets and there isn't as much room I'd like for my quilt to lie out while quilting it.    

The stack on the floor below my bulletin board frame is my inventory for my shop.  BTW, I sold another baby quilt today---sooo that definitely set the day in a positive way!!    I ponder in the feeling of mailing off a quilt to someone that LOVES my work!!!!  What a breath of fresh air.

I get so much light in this room...maybe this room was made for me, made for Growing Stitches.  Feeling pretty blessed anyhow.

Here is a stack sitting in my studio of some solids, Terrain, Sunkissed, Basic Grey, Origin and a few others I picked up while driving back from the pumpkin farm last week with Ayden.  I never ever get to go there because of the 45 min. commute.  So when I drove almost right into it this past week, I had to go take a peak!

I think that is enough for now,my hands are freezing and feet are always cold---especially this time of the year--even with wool socks on!  

Time for some more homemade chicken noodle soup I cooked up yesterday, garlic bread and cuddle time with the little guy:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Linking up to Sarah's blog of fun times!!


Jessica said...

Ooooh yummy fabric. Congrats on the sale!! Have fun with your little man :) We're getting SNOW up here - 4 inches at least! Seems like fall is over :(

Sarah Craig said...

Looks like you're staying very busy - those trees are looking good! Try putting on a hat - your hands and feet will stay warmer!! Whoop whoop!!

Paulette said...

Your trees are looking beautiful! I am amazed at the deal you got on your iron. I dropped mine last week and thought it was broken. Went shopping for a new one and couldn't find one I liked that wasn't megabucks. Good thing the hubs managed to fix the old one...sort of. Anyway it's working okay for the time being.