Saturday, October 29, 2011

What peace has shown me...

Learning every day to get that peaceful moment in......

 Enjoying the moments with my guy;)

Behind our home, colors are revealing themselves left and right.  God is up to some changes!

FALL is my absolute favorite season by far!  It is my anniversary of when I got married to my Josh, it reminds me of great memories of childhood rolling in the piles of leaves,the smells,carving pumpkins......on and on.

And now some new memories will be made with Ayden in our little family:)

Time to paint some leaves and press them on paper.  Right after we plant some rose bushes and bury some tulip bulbs in God's precious earth.

Maybe some hot apple cider afterward .

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Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life said...

Good pictures! Love the one where he is holding the leaf up!