Thursday, January 26, 2012

A bit of knitting....

 Started a shrug a few weeks ago using some Homespun yarn in the color Windsor from a local chain store.........................

I knitted this shrug using the large Knifty Knitter loom and a skein and 1/2 of yarn.  It was very easy to create and many TV shows later I had something to be real proud of at last!

A simple e wrap stitch was all that was needed.

There is a local yarn shop in town called Sunflower Fibers located downtown.  I took a ride over last weekend and found some cuddlies to bring home with me;)  (The lady in the store asked me if I would like the yarn wrapped into a ball---should have let her though because I had a huge mess w/o it done!  Thinking of going by there tomorrow to have her do the yarn below for me!)

A mix of baby llama's wool,merino wool and angora which is very soft in pretty blues.

Trying my hand on a knitting board currently with some Abuelita 100% Merino yarn in Orange Sherbet.  I picked up a great book that is packed with lots of wonderful stitch how-to's and projects.  My first project is a blanket that will have many squares about 5" long each.  Each square will also be a new stitch to master.

Relaxing and rewarding!

See ya'll later!

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Rebecka said...

Love your knitted shrug. You picked out some great colors.