Saturday, March 3, 2012


I will call her Lollipop and she will be my Lollipop.  The song that came to my head while quilting was "Here we go Looby Loo,here we go Looby Light............etc."   Ever hear of that one?  I remember it from kindergarten and then some growing up.  I always adored it!


This was a lot of fun to quilt,carefree loops,bows,circles over and over again.  The repetition was actually relaxing.  I found that by having at least 4 bobbins ready to go in the beginning and then intermittently refilling this went lovely!  I also had a DUH moment and thought I wonder, maybe, just maybe I should take advantage of my up/down button and keep that needle in down position while quilting.   Heellllooo!!  This made it a "Looby Loo" kind of a experience.  Love it!  AND why not have a silly song to go along with her!

binding ready to be pressed

why the Lollipop name?????????????????????????

Who doesn't love a lollipop?  Anyone?  AnyONE?  I think this quilt is very whimsical with all the sizes and colors of  DOTS!  The swirls from the Ruby print make me want to sing some more of that "Looby Loo":) 

my  Grandma's pretty bowl once full of binding clips (MISS YOU Grandma!)

It took 2 days to quilt her and she measures in at 84"x84 1/2".

I added a 4" scrappy border all the way around to give it a little extra length for my Aunt's tall hubby;) 

Some of that "Looby Loo" quilting I was talking about for ya'll to see.  I used a navy blue backing.

Scrappy binding too!  I am so giddy and silly happy about Lollipop!!!!!!!

Do you want a LOLLIPOP NOW?????????  (It's late, I 'm silly!)

Just needs my label and maybe a note from my cousin to her mom on the back.  (This is a B-day gift and all!)  Meanwhile, she's getting extra squeaky clean in the washer and then crinkly in the dryer!

She will be traveling to Wisconsin soon so she needs to look her very best!!


Sweet Woodruff said...

I love the colors, the fabric and the quilting. Great eye. Blessing to you Sister Sarah. :) Sarah is my middle name.

Karen said...

Awesome job. I love the quilting loops. The blocks are beautiful. You deserve a Whoop Whoop.

Rebecka said...

Your quilting is beautiful! I like the colors of your blocks. Great quilt.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Beautiful quilt! Great job with the quilting:)

Sarah Craig said...

It's so pretty!! Are you going to get a pic of the whole quilt? I'd love to see it! The colors are beautiful, and I love your quilting! Whoop whoop!!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

What a great job on the quilting! I wish I could fmq half as good as you!