Friday, March 23, 2012


I have been soaking up all the Spring goodness round here without any shame:) No mam!

I am enjoying each and every color that is being painted across my back yard.

We had some landscaping work done a few weeks ago and some of the bulbs were covered up by accident as a result.  I did for warn the company,but they couldn't get them all because they were not the ones that planted them in the first place:)

 So after they had left I went out there and poked my hands through the mulch in several locations to look for tiny green leaves poking their way out.   Btw, this bright red one is one of my favorites and they seem to be taller and hardier.  If only I had kept the bags I purchased these particular bulbs in,darn it!

My son really enjoys running out there each day to see what new colors have arrived and which ones are opening.

Perfect color combinations God has created:):):)

And one more!

Maybe this should have been a tulip sharing post instead?  Gardening is such fun though when things go right---I do stress go right as things don't always go as planned.  It is a learning process just like quilting.  There are always new techniques and tools that prove to work well.

When I am not tulip gazing, I have been piecing this pretty number.  It is for my bed and I am SO ready for it to replace my boring, blue down comforter that is never short on supply of feathers that stick to everything--even people!! 

The dog has pretty much claimed the "feather bucket" comforter, but when this blue,green, grey number is finished, sorry puppy, but mommy will be kicking you out for certain;)

HST madness and the Kona white I couldn't buy enough of for this quilt.  I had to go back twice to Joann's to get more of it!  Honestly, I messed up 1/4 of a yard too along the way.....details! 

All that white paid off!!  I am pretty pleased with it.  There is one green square though that I will be switching around with another one.  They just aren't balanced out otherwise.  I was really careful while piecing this to make sure there weren't any huge surprises with placement of fabrics along the way.  My drawn out pattern really kept me in line well.  I also labelled each row so I know the exact order of these guys.  I find the more detailed/organized I am about this,the better off and the "cringing" moments are lessened.

Next step is getting out the seam ripper for those 2 green HST's, iron each row in a different direction as far as seam allowance goes and finally sew the rows together.  After that I will be contemplating fabrics for one of the borders.  The other outside border will be HST's all the way around.

I managed a pillow case for a little boy of mine as well that was cradling this Mickey Mouse fabric at Joann's while we were getting all that white fabric.  I went to the cutting counter thinking, hmmm, I wonder how much of this I need to make one even though I should no better by now since I have made a few in my time!  Eh maybe 3/4 yd?  We will try that and use whatever scrao I have at the house for the accent piece and cuff.  Mommy is goooood!!!  I got home,took out that pattern for the pillowcase (Ayden insisted I make this right away) and booyaa!  it was the exact amount I needed:P  Ayden is happy:)

Do you ever go into write a post and not know what you are going to write about and then it ends up being a novel???---I do it all the time!

It's Friday-----enjoy your weekend!!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Just love you HST quilt - a lot of work I know. And I am a Kona white lover, so you got my attention rather quickly!

Kat said...

Beutiful flowers, gorgeous quilt! And way to go, Mom, on the Mickey fabric!

Linda said...

Your quilt is coming along beautifully!
Your flowers are beautiful, too! What great inspiration!!

Terriaw said...

Beautiful flowers! It really is fun going on a treasure hunt throughout the yard this time of year to find new bulbs blooming. Your quilt is fabulous! I love it!

Jessica said...

I love your HST quilt! They can be so difficult but always worth it in the end. The flowers are stunning!

Linda said...

What a pretty quilt! Love your photos of the tulips too:)

Betty said...

You've been busy at the start of spring ;)

Quiet Quilter said...

I really need a quilt for my bed....started to say "New" but realized I haven't made even one for me yet!

├ůsa said...

Your quilt will be gorgeous! I can´t wait to see it finished.

Mary said...

I am having the same problem with white right now. I don't know why I don't buy by the bolt.

Love the new quilt. It will be gorgeous.

Sarah Craig said...

Sara, that is going to be a spectacular quilt!! Whoop whoop!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Your quilt is great - the flower photos are amazing!! You had a good week!

Ali Hughes said...

I love those tulips! :) Such bright colors! My grandfather grew flowers for a living but it doesn't seem to have been passed down. :( I'm attempting basil from seeds right now...a few little green heads, but definitely not proof I can keep them alive! Good work, God! :D

Paulette said...

Your quilt top is awesome, Sara! Love the border you have in mind for it too.