Sunday, April 15, 2012

In the Country...

10 minutes away from our house we are spoiled with an ice cream place that has fresh homemade ice cream in pineapple,strawberry,vanilla,chocolate,butter pecan and so on!  Ayden gets the vanilla with marshmallows:P  They opened April 2ns and we have been there twice already!!  First was a surprise for Ayden and the second was a field trip with our local MOPS group.

 Down the road from the ice cream business the same farmers run a produce stand.  Yummy fresh fruit and veggies for us!

Let's go get some strawberries mommy!!

We need to go back for more:P  Just wonderful!!

This is the farm where the icecream and animals and crops are located!  These are the kids including Ayden (my blondie) running around before the tour started.
The kids had to make each animal noise before they could see it:)

I was thinking of a quilt batting when I saw this gorgeous sheep!

This boy weighed over 800lbs!!

Here's our group!

Such a beautiful place...right down the road.

When we returned I made this tilapia with red peppers,green onion,olive oil, lemon zest,lemon peel and fresh mint for dinner.  Divine and some good clean eating.  Ayden had some fish sticks...he loves them:)  We were both happy:):):)

So what is going on with my bed quilt??

I got her all pinned up and ready to be tackled and that is where I stand.  I am contemplating how I want to quilt her yet.  She is going to be a handful at 96 1/2" squared!!

 Enjoy your week!!

Simply Klassic


Jessica said...

Wow - that IS a huge quilt - I'm sure you'll figure it out though! Are you going to quilt it yourself?
Those strawberries look like heaven. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Recipes We Love said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog. You have some pictures that are beautiful and I love your quilts. Reminds me of the ones my great grandma made the entire family. Hope you have had a blessed Sunday! Amber

Terriaw said...

Looks like a great field trip! How lucky to live near a farm that makes homemade ice cream. We lived on a farm when I was a little girl, and our neighbors made ice cream. My brother and sister and I would ride our bikes down the country road to visit and get a sample.

Have fun finishing your quilt!

Rebecka said...

Your photos are beautiful. What a fun day! That baby goat is sooo cute!