Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Life

The azaleas are taking off in my gardens currently.

Here is a sneak peek of one after it shed its brown casing and right before it opens its beauty of a bloom.

I have two hydrangeas,but I transplanted one to the front yard as an experiment this year.  We got them last year when we moved into our new home.  Both did struggle through the summer and then I cut them down to about 6" each.  They both returned in February with bright green leaves!  Research has been telling me they love morning sun and then afternoon shade.  Hence, the reason for mving one to the front.  If all goes well with both locations then great.  If the one still in my back yard struggles again, it will be transplanted up to the side or front as well.

A frost is coming through around 4am tomorrow so I had to go out and cover everything:(  Really hoping everything does well.

I have 8 knockout rose bushes in the back yard starting to get real pretty:)

Dwarf snapdragons are patience grown from seeds.

 Kind of look like popcorn kernels maybe?:)

Nasturtium I planted 2 wks ago that I hope outlasts the frost!

And some daisies Ayden picked out for us.

Surprise little ladybug in my Japanese cherry blossom tree;)

Fire Red Calla Lily plant returning very cool!!

AND my peony bush came back...jsut hope it can withstand the heat this summer.  I may have to get some advice from my boyfriend (Johnny the local nursery guy down the road that could be my grandpa,such a sweetie) sorry Johnny I am taken!

Easter has passed us by and Ayden received some yummy jellybeans and bunnies this year.  Trigger(our boxer) wanted  to share..poor guy!

I think that will be all for now...I have more pics to come!!

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Mama Spark said...

I'm so jealous of your beautiful garden! We had snow still just the other day = (

Terriaw said...

Pretty flowers! It's so fun discovering new blooms this time of year. We have knockout roses in our yard, but they just barely have leaves on them. So nice to see yours in bloom already!

Jessica said...

Love seeing the progress of your garden. Those purple azaelias - !!