Friday, April 27, 2012

My mojo is Not on Vacation!

Just because the hubby is home for a couple of weeks from the "sandpit" does not mean I have been slacking off in the quilting room;)  Between helping him with his saltwater tank hobby,eating out,creating meals with hubby and spices or I should say my spicy hubby (tehehe),picking strawberries, teaching Ayden preschool curriculum,gardening..blah..blah.....blah.

I have been spiffing up my Etsy shop,added a quilt back that has not seen the light of day for a couple of months and had slipped my mind:P  Strung Along is in the shop again here.  I love this quilt because it was real labor of love and it came out very playful and colors bursting out like a crayola crayon box!

Spring Melody is done and ready for a baby's sweet self!  I stippled the outside border and straight line/echoed the seams of the patchwork center.

Measures 33x35 1/2
The straight lines give it some sophistication and the stippling a little fancy ruffle/girly edge per say:)  I have been seeking out the perfect quilt for the owl print and this was the one!

There was just enough brown pindot fabric left for the binding so I squeaked it out to tie in with the back.  I am over the moon with the way the brown makes the yellow burst with pride!!

Anyone know of anyone that needs a baby girl quilt pronto?

I am thinking that little baby would love this;)  It's a thought!  It will be in the shop later tonight:)

Night ya'll!


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Terriaw said...

Yay, happy to hear you're sewing! Looks like a fun little project.

Paulette said...

Pretty quilts, Sara! I'm a sucker for string quilts, as you probably know. I just appreciate every one's unique appeal. Cute baby quilt, and nice job on the quilting on that one!

Lexilooo said...

This is so sweet!