Friday, May 25, 2012

Head spinning chaos/fun?

Lots and lots of stuff to be done for a local Art Fest coming up the first weekend in in June!

So much that my bed quilt is on hiatus for the time being:(  Ah well sometimes sacrifices need to be made.  Take a deep breath and move forward.  Therefore,my bed quilt has been sitting on the recliner for about 3 weeks.  Somehow.....don't have a clue.....maybe some blonde kid I live with perhaps...not sure though got some new stains on it.  Daaayyyy----goneit!!!  Oxiclean is on the shopping list.  So be it.

By the time we arrived home from a birthday party tonight it was getting dark out.  I really wanted to take pics of some newly finished projects for the Art Fest.  I got a couple of the banner I made yesterday.  Took me all day and winged the entire thing.

Ideas were flowing everywhere!

 Each letter is interfaced and blanket stitched.  I used the FMQ foot on the flowers for the dotted "i."

This was the perfect project to practice a decorative stitch.  The "s" was hard,both of those buggers.  I got through it though and I think it looks pretty darn good!

 Prints:            Art Gallery
                        Ruby by Bonnie and Camille
                        Sugar Pop by Liz Scott
                        Dots @ Joann's

Before this little project, I took about a week and 1/2 and made 12 Wallets.  I didn't think I could do it,but I proved myself wrong!   Pics of those soon!

Potholders were also along for the ride!  I took some: KJR By Denyse Schmidt and Dream On By Urban Chiks.  These were fun and easy peasy.

I also cut out some business cards and finished up some WIP potholder sets and added my label.  Last minute touch ups and maybe. maybe. another something...something for my craft booth:)

 I even got a little binding in for my bed quilt tonight in Kona Bahama Blue and another Kona blue as well:)  I want that quilt on my bed badly!

 These fabrics showed up at my doorstep a couple weeks ago.  Summersville is definitely, definitely a mind blower!!!

I also got some Kona White for my Sliced Apples QAL quilt.  Yes.  I have to find time to do that too.  After my bed quilt and before I make another Angry Bird for someone I know whose little voice sticks in my head;)

Marbles Museum in Raleigh,NC
This little goober!!

my Black Knight butterfly bush getting bigger---eeekk!

 Night ya'll!!!


Terriaw said...

Cute banner! I love the summer colors for those potholders too. No worries over your quilt project-in-progress. Life happens, right.

Linda said...

The banner is adorable! The letters look terrific!

Jessica said...

Love the wallets! Can't wait to hear about the craft fair! You really did some wonderful work - and don't worry, I have about 4 quilts put aside right now hahaha

Sarah Craig said...

Love the banner, and those are great pot holders, too! Whoop whoop!!

craftytammie said...

great job on all of that. love that banner! good luck with the art fair, have fun!

Quiet Quilter said...

Oxiclean rocks!

Nice quick projects you made and they are all so bright and cheery.