Sunday, May 6, 2012


Angry Birds have really hit the spot with my Ayden!!  In the last few days he has been begging me (an understatement) to make him some more that we didn't buy from the store;)  I had printed off a pattern here.  Ayden found it laying on the recliner and proceeded to get some tape from the kitchen drawer.  He then brought it into my sewing room and taped it right next to my machine!!  "Here you go mommy!!!!"  Wonder where he gets his persistence (insert sarcasm).

We bought these two guys and then I went to Joann's where I paid $3 something for 1/3 yd f each color I needed for the blue bird and green bird.  $15 later I was back home---not bad at all!

Now as far as construction of these little buggers that is an entirely different story!

Here is the result.  He is cute right?  In disguise as a trouble maker.  Cutting around the eyes and forgetting to sew those little pink patches below them was troublesome.  I tuckered onward.  Conquered that bird!  I had to hand sew the pink patches on because of my boo boo, hand sewed the large orange beak and closed up the back after I stuffed him to life!!;)  He looks like he smiling at me devilishly.  That's alrght cuz the boy,Ayden's face when he saw him all done up was heart melting moment for mommy:):):):):):)

The green bird is up next..let's see who wins.  Maybe it will take under 3 hours next time as well.  Yep that's 3 hours for this mommy!  I guess the headache I had didn't add any good to it all.  Dr OZ helped me though.  Whaaatt??  Yes he said to place a #2 pencil in the back of your jaw and leave it there for awhile until the tension is released and your headache lessens.  Yeah------------ it works!

This past week I have started working out with a great friend,Cosette that decided to take me under her wing and be my little personal trainer.  Sweet deal right?!  We are through week 1 of XFACTOR.  Not tooo bad, there was sweating aggrivating gasps going on,but  am pushing forward.

Don't tell hubby..trying to drop a bit of weight before he returns and we go to FL.  Although don't know how you will get him since he is away in the sand pit again--he,he,he.

Long week=pedicure.
Eyebrow wax
Rewarded to me!  Hey---Mother's Day is coming too.
Want to hear the real sweet part about it??????????????
It was only $36 due to my MOPS group getting together for a spa night last night at a local spa!!!!!!
We also lived it up rough with sangria's, moscato wine, and food all over!!
Thinking this should be a regular retreat for us MOPS mom's every other month?!!!

My gal pal,Pam and her friend,Cori are doing a pretty awesome QAL over in their neck of the woods currently.  Join in--it will be a guaranteed great process!!!!!

Long time coming and then some to crack these babies outta the vintage sheet stash I have in my closet!  I am going with some pink,blue and a little green and purple here and there.  Kona White will be its accomplice.  I am waiting for an order to come in Monday that will bear more Kona White and some other goodies I will share soon.



Terriaw said...

those angry birds softies are so adorable! Wish I had the time and patience to make them. I think my mom might love one.

Kristen said...

My son would love those too. Soo cute!

Anonymous said...

The angry birds are cute. A spa night for $36 sounds wonderful!

Jessica said...

You deserve the pampering! The angry birds came out great but they do sound stressful =/ I definitely would have had just as much or more trouble. Props to you though!

Kat said...

I bookmarked your blog but need to be sure NEVER to open your Angry Birds post when my kids are around. What is it with kids and those scary looking birds (and pigs and whatevers)?? LOL

Your little guy came out great!!