Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh my goodness

ALL OVER the place 'round here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swapping has got its definite pluses and no minuses!!!!

oooOOOOh that Jess friend of mine over at Quilty Habit did GOOD!!!!  Malka Dunbrawski prints which are like a nice dark chocolate after a rough day...little bit of scrappy pieces and a  2.5" charm pack of Kate Spain Terrain------eeeek!

If that wasn't enough, to make me feel extra special Jess threw in these-------------------------

Everything was individually wrapped in that pretty paper you see...is it my Birthday??:)  Cute pad of paper;)

This made my current cold just melt away---icing on the already delicious cake:P  Heather Bailey,Sarah Jane Children at Play AND Bonnie and Camille's new line Vintage modern (even though that mom and daughter have a new line coming out soon as well! love'm)  I flipped through the charms and let me tell you Bonnie and Camille you never cease to amaze this girl.  Every single print is magical and pleasing!  Absolute favorites!!!!!  Look at the tiny notepad on it own little clipboard------------------------I am blessed!

So what did I learn from this folks?!!
Do a swap, at least. once. a month.
You will be very pleased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Jess!  You made my month a WHOLE lot happier!!!

While I sip away at my Rooibos tea (delicious for a cold btw) and nibble on some Lindt Dark chocolate, I am going to linger here a bit more and show off some pics from my pretty garden areas through out my yard.

 Echinacea which would do me some good too right now.  Not tryin' to have a pity party for my cold....just saying.  I have waited since last year when I planted these seeds so this is an exciting find:)

Calla Lily that surprised me too:)  Thought it was a goner.  Now it's showing off!

Butterfly Bush Black Knight species such delicate, tiny little flowers that give off a light perfumed smell



Jessica said...

I'm glad you like!! The clipboard and pad are from Kate Spain in case you didn't know! I got them from Michael's with you in mind and picked up some goodies for myself too :) Can't wait to see what you make (and I love that calla lily!)

Linda said...

What nice surprises!
Love the flowers, too!
Hope your cold is better soon.

Terriaw said...

What a fabulous swap! I love it when you get all sorts of extra little goodies. You had a generous partner!

Beautiful flowers! I adore echinacea in all colors and varieties.

Paulette said...

What fun goodies! Ooh, the calla lily is gorgeous. I hope you feel better soon!