Thursday, December 13, 2012

Feeling a little like an elf....

Yeah so a month has gone by now.  I was having problems with Blogger not accepting my pictures.  I had a chance to come on here again today and guess what?!  All of a sudden I can post pics again.  Not doing a happy dance yet,but one can hope:)  Plus I have lots of Christmas cookies and hot cocoa with marshmallows to make up for what is lacking;)  *Thanks Carol for your cookies that are so divine.*

Christmas is right around the corner as you know.  This elf has been occupied.

all the tiny tree trunks ready for assembly...

the borders sewn on cheerfully....Do I sound like a good little elf?  hehehe

This is not the same quilt I did for the raffle at MOPS.  You are not experiencing de ja vu I promise.  Same pattern, same fabrics.  I changed the border up a bit with the gingerbread print and the binding is a dark green.

The aim here was to frame out the prints from the top and let them shine.  It took a couple days in between
the day to day activities to knock it out.

I am all tree-D out now!  OR so I thought....

Lookie....MORE trees;)  Perfect potholders for my Secret Sister friend at MOPS.  She liked them:)

Once upon a time I had to order all that Kona Raffia that was in the Christmas tree quilt and so I was naughty and started another quilt.  Only a table topper.  *innocence entering in*

Paper piecing heaven.

to me;)

oooh love her to pieces:)  *love puns*

It can be a real joy to pick out fabrics sometimes for the backs and this one fit like a glove.  The dots made
 it even more fun!

Remember this paper pieced project?

It has been done for awhile now I just haven't posted the pic until now.  Aside from a few mismatched points, thinking it can stay with me for a long time to come.  The colors are all in harmony and that makes me a very happy quilter.

If that wasn't enough eye candy for you my bloggie friends here is another project I cranked out in a couple hrs some time last month.  The hubby and I wanted these pillowcases to really pop with the quilt as their backdrop.  I used Kona School bus and Kona Medium Grey which really paid off for us!!  Fresh,new pillowcases are the BEST!

11 more days 'til Christmas---eeeek!!!



Little Lady Patchwork said...

Hi Sara!

I love everything that you have made! Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I've been having those same issues with blogger!

Lynette said...

Wow! You *have* been busy as an elf. :D Love the trees quilt. :)

Sarah Craig said...

Eek is right!! But you've got a lovely bunch of finishes there!!! Whoop whoop!!

Jessica said...

Nice to see you back! :) The trees look fantastic and I'm in awe over all of your paper piecing. Great job! (and I've also come to the conclusion that Blogger stinks).

Terriaw said...

Have missed you! Looks like you've been super productive! I love seeing all your beautiful projects. Makes me look forward to some time for sewing after the holidays.