Thursday, December 27, 2012


Christmas is over and it isn't quite January yet.  It's that in between time when you could take down the decorations and the tree or just leave them be for another few more days.  I am choosing the latter this year.  It has been a nice and quiet Christmas this year.  My little family and I spent some much needed time with one another; since last Christmas he was deployed a million miles away. 

Cookies were made one day and eaten the next.  Pecan fingers from a recipe over at mamacjt's.  (these were the 2nd batch made in a week!  Hubby really likes them!)

 My little scientist, Ayden was hard at work with his scientist kit Christmas gift experimenting with colors.

Before Christmas Day, hubby was busy building this LEGO table for his son.  Isn't he talented?!  Ayden approves and all the LEGOS on the table are from daddy's collection when he was little.

 I gifted my hubby a waffle iron.  You know the kind that rotates.  This was his request.  After opening gifts Christmas Day, we made chocolate chip and powdered sugar topped waffles and then later in the day went to go see Parental Guidance which was a hoot!  OOOh and the hubby melted my heart with some FQ's for Christmas!  Yippee!!

The last couple of days have been carefree and quiet as well.  I think I will show you a quilt I finished in time for Ayden as a Christmas gift.

Pebbles for miles and miles.  Very tiring.  It took 2 days to complete.  After a quick spin in the washer and toss in the dryer this quilt was golden.  Textured bliss!

It goes well with this blonde kid that lives at my house too!!! ;)

This back worked out wonderfully for the back and it really qualifies as awesome in my book!!  Those letters I added on each side which are from the Summersville line by Lucie Summers.  Very educationally inclined here;)

Look at what Ayden and I made and then daddy decorated and Ayden signed for the Grandparents this year.  They were well received!!

The countdown begins until the New Year.  Hope you are able to celebrate with family and/or friends.  Be thankful for all your blessings throughout this year.  Enjoy the moments as they come in the New Year!!

Thank you for checking in on my blog once in awhile to say hi!  I love having each and every one of you in my life.

Sewing into the New Year,




Unknown said...

Love your Posts!! Love you! ♥ Teri

Kat said...

All those pebbles --- wow! Very impressive! I love the quilt and the map fabric on the map is awesome, I need to look for some of that! I saw those little Santa handprints on someone's blog a little while back but we didn't get to make them this year. Definitely a must for next year... the kids grow so fast and I love giving handprint gifts to the grandparents.

Dee said...

What a wonderful way to end 2012! Two days of pebble quilting simply must require two days at a warm beach somewhere! LOL

Happy 2013!

Sarah Craig said...

Looks like you've got lots and lots to whoop over this week!! Congratulations and have a happy new year!!

Jessica said...

Aww those pics are so cute! Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas :) And that quilt is perfect for Ayden! I bet he adores it - it's gorgeous!

Julie said...

I love the map fabric that you used on the back of his quilt - it's fantastic! And the Lego table - we sure could use one of those around here!
Thanks for popping by my blog!

Terriaw said...

Looks like you enjoyed a great Christmas season. That baking on that quilt is so awesome! Happy New Year to you and the family.

Speattle said...

Oh, I got a little Santa handprint ornament just like that from my grandson this year!