Thursday, December 20, 2012

How Could I forget??!!

I didn't really forget about to tell ya'll about this "Event" that occurred in my quilting life.  Did I?  This,that and the other got in the way.  Before you know it, Quilt Market in Houston has been here and gone.  What does that have to do with it?  What am I talking about?  Remember when I had mentioned that a certain quilt of mine was sold in my shop.
You say well that is nice and GREAT and ALL,but yeah......Welll....that quilt went to a very sweet lady by the name of Helen.  OK so who is she?  She  Helen works for a large button company in New Jersey AND she was going to be attending Houston's Quilt Market this year.  MY quilt was going with her to BE EXACT!!

She personally embellished it with some of her company's fabulous buttons, made it look stunning for its debut (you have to look through this blog post to find my cut in the post) and away it went to TX!!!

THERE it is on the far left side of the table shining proudly!!!!!!!!!!!  So my quilt MADE IT TO THE BIG LEAGUES so to speak!!!!!!  One day I will tread on Quilt Market ground too.  I reallly hope!

It really humbles me though.  Helen picked my quilt out of 1000's on Etsy!!  There are some top of the line quilting gurus on there as you know!!!   Coincidentally,the quilt is called "Color Me Happy!"  OH I think that rings true again and again;)

 Feeling quite blessed to have this experience.

~Yet another reason to be a quilter.~`

Get that rotary cutter moving!!!!!



Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

Sara!! That is so exciting! Congratulations!!!! : )

Paulette said...

That is really cool! That really is a happy little quilt!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

That is the coolest thing ever to have your quilt picked for! Congrats!

Impera Magna said...

Oh, how exciting! You must be over the moon.... and just think I knew before you were rich and famous!!!


Jessica said...

Congrats! That is more than awesome!! :) You have such a good reason to be proud!

Terriaw said...

Congrats to you! That's awesome. It really is a beautiful quilt and you deserve to be proud and excited to have your work shown off.

Rebecka said...

Good for you Sara! Your quilt is beautiful!!! Now, that's something to be proud of! I haven't been to Houston Quilt Show. Hopefully, someday!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!!