Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Movin' on UP

To the UPstairs of our home that is!  Gotcha!

Although it would be nice to move on up into the pattern designing world;)  One can dream! 

I have a feeling this new space will inspire me just fine.

The hubby,Josh built a new computer and with that bought a new desk recently.  Therefore,he needed the space to put it in.  That is where his loving,wonderful wife stepped in and said "Sure honey you can have my sewing space!"

Actually I suggested it and it was no skin off my back.  I just like to give the hubs crap every once in awhile.  Keeps it interesting!  I mean what quilter wouldn't want a whole bonus room to herself.  I created the little "wall art" if you will, out of some sort of wire I found in the garage and some tile cork boards.  This really makes me happy and it has been a "want" for some time folks!  I can also display my fancy schmancy white shelf with rulers for all of my cutting desires;)

I mean it just killed (hello sarcasm) me to have to go buy new furniture to house all my pretties.  (I have wanted this set up for a long time truthfully)  I am a direction reader to the "t" so I read ALL of those dang directions and built myself a new storage nook!!

 Can you tell I had some fun after all that paper reading mess?  Some vintage handkerchiefs at the top for a comfy feel.  A vintage thread spool holder from Josh's Grandma.  A little bit of solids to spoil myself with eye candy.  Little bit of this and a little bit of that.

This is a wall of my heart treasures.  A picture of my baby boy in one of his first Halloween costumes as a cowboy.  Another framed jewel of my honey and our little prince.  A cross wall hanging to represent my faith in Jesus and nearby a painting that I recently received from one of my Grandma's near and dear friends from Art school long ago.  The painting of a hummingbird and flower IS the only painting I have from my Grandma's life passion believe it or not and so it is highly appreciated by me.  She can watch me sew whenever she pleases now;)  Miss you Grandma.  To the far left there is a small 4x6 of Josh and I from our special night together after he had proposed to me!!  In the center there is a needle holder with Holly Hobby on the front.  I made this from a tutorial over at Terri's Notebook.  Terri was one of the first blogs I started following and since then we have become friends.

 One would think that with a bigger space comes more room to lay out a quilt for basting right?  Not so much.  A little furniture moving and I was in business.  If only I could shoot that ginormous T.V. out the window that is sitting proudly in the corner of the room now:/  Here we have a boy quilt top all done.  It. is. a. handful.  Interfacing coupled with outfits, with applique on a lot of them makes for a heavy load! 

Played it smart this time too.  I sewed on the bible verse and then my label first.  Before quilting began!  I pieced some more of the outfits into the back as well.  Another checked off the list!!!!

Reward for this hard work??


Posy by Aneela Hoey~ sweeter than sugar!!
flannel gingham~ Has been holding my attention lately.

A color bomb has entered my sewing room! 
Bella solids!  Oh my!

Here is some color too!!!! 

My Ayden is fascinated with science experiments!  No qualms there. 

One 2 liter bottle

vegetable oil

food coloring of your choice

Alka Seltzer tabs
Lava lamp!!!!!!




Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

How nice to have a designated sewing space. Fabric look so pretty, I love to just look at all the beautiful patterns.

Jenny Squawk said...

New space! Lovely! Love that posy print. I'm not well versed in making boy quilts coming from the land of girls, but sure is nice to see someone who is capable of making quilts for future men.

We've had a couple lava lamps. Just note, if your younger child starts to sit on it, take it away.

Impera Magna said...

What a great new sewing room! Love it! And you build the shelving unit? Wow! I'm impressed! I foresee lots of happy sewing happening...

Love your science experiment! Now I want to make one!


✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Your fabric cabinet is gorgeous! Congrats on your new sewing space! It looks perfect.

Terriaw said...

what a great space to work in! You will get all kinds of projects done in such a wide open area. Fun science experiment!

Britt G. said...

First time visit (through WIP Wednesday). What a great space. I am currently re-organizing my space and love how a complete overhaul makes me look at my stuff in a whole new light. Enjoy the fresh new space!

The Thompsons said...

That's a great working space! You have a lot of really fun projects going on (and love the lava lamp) :)