Saturday, March 23, 2013

Working it Out

Before my extended family arrived I was kind of trying to make some headway on my Amy Ellis Dancing Stars QAL .  It came together pretty darn fast as is,but I was determined to get to that finishing line even faster!

I amaze myself sometimes.  Love. it. when that happened here.


And definitely here.

Demolition evidence.  Yeah I did that.  And I am not apologizing. 

Tiny secret here:  I was a little taken back by how to put the rows together,but once I saw a Flickr gal piece hers all together--- I had it!  In under an hr!  Ha!  It was all sewn as one right before my inlaws showed up at the door a couple weeks ago!  

I will blab about this mistake I made though.  Check out that blue and red flower piece sitting there innocently.  It somehow got sewn into that Kona putty section on the inside of the right point on the star.  (hope that is clear)  I had to rip out the whole bugger and then sew a new Putty piece back in.  It worked and I am one happy girl for it!

The picking, picking,picking LIKE mad picking goes usually.  Not fun,but hey that is what distractions of the TV do for me.  I did go back over all the row seams again though after ward to stabilize them more due to all that darn awful PICKING!!! 

That is where my Star quilt stops for the time being.

Commission twin quilts continue on.  This is for one of  R's sons.  He likes elephants and these are screaming fun elephants so I used those for an outside border.  There is a blue dot print as the background print.  Each block is about 9 1/2" and I really loved how each outfit is highlighted clearly in this quilt!  I give the credit to R for wanting bigger blocks!  Then I went with 4" squares for the 1st border and some strips of an alphabet print that wasn't to loud for the outfit squares.  There is also a 3" blue dot border in between.  The outfits are ALL back with Pellon interfacing and they are so happy with me because of it!  It is so much easier to sew through jersey knit clothing with an extra stabilizer:)  Trust me.    Overall this was so much easier to piece together than the last twin quilt I did for this little guy's sister.  I winged it all,but hey it proved that I CAN wing things sometimes!    The backing is all ready to go with the bible verse machine stitched on and it accompanies my business label.  I actually did it before the quilting part was done and I would of had to hand sew it on!  Kudos for me!  Hand embroidery yes please.  Hand sewing labels on not a fave! 

If only I had a HUGE wood floor to baste it on.  Hmmmm......I thought about a wall basting job,but what is the best way.  I don't want to use basting spray.  The quilt is pretty darn big at 80" one way with the 4" added in for quilting allowances.  Someone in quilting land online said a mattress.  The sides will hang over on my queen bed at least 5" though which could still work.  TOL (thinking out loud) alot here I know.  I saw a $350 quilting stand yesterday called Mulberry Molly and that is just way too expensive!  Maybe it is time for Hubby Josh to come to the rescue (I do have the Superman ringtone set for him when he calls). 

Time to take my Ayden for a surprise to see The Croods today!  I love the movies...... the popcorn mostly! hehehe  Makes Ayden happy most of all and that makes me a VERY happy momma!

See ya'll soon!




Jessica said...

The star quilt looks beautiful!! It looks complicated! I love when it looks complicated and isn't too bad, haha. I have a large wooden floor and while it can be also, it's also a real pain. I much prefer carpet or something to kneeling on!

Terriaw said...

I love the looks of that star project, but I'm a sucker for star blocks. Love the colors you're using too.

Mama Spark said...

I love your dancing stars!! Thought about making one but that's all the farther I got!!!

Renee said...

I love the star quilt, very pretty colors!! I used to baste on the brick floors downstairs, but found that basting on the carpet turns out better! I use pins to stretch out the backing (pinning it into the carpet).

Carolyn said...

Love your dancing star quilt. I downloaded the pattern, but haven't started it yet. I baste on the floor in my living room on the carpet.

Dee said...

Beautiful, happy and sunny (lol) stars quilt! I'm so glad you were able to fix the mistake!