Friday, March 22, 2013


My thoughts today are all over the place.  Somehow that is how.I.function!  I have come up with a list of all the things spilling from my once blonde head, now coupled with scattered grey "hi-lights" and some brown.  (I usually say Ayden sucked all the blonde hair right out of me when he was growing inside me!)  I LOVE his blonde hair.  Makes me smile big:):)

Diving right in:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

~My hubby, Josh's parents were here a couple weekends ago for the weekend and they came bearing many gifts from my mommy-in-laws parents that have since passed recently.  Yes we did receive lots of irreplaceable treasures,but it was also hard to know that these things will no longer reside in Josh's grandparents home.  It was fun to look through old pictures of different generations.  At the same time sad to know that part of them are gone now.  Yes future generations are being created from the family name,but well, still important to stop and take note of what they did and who they were.  Some great things about these furniture pieces that we received from his grandparents are number one the dining room table.  Love it dearly.  I love the 6 person size,the value of it being from his family and its overall design.  We inherited a gorgeous grandfather clock that really reminds me of sleepovers I had at my own grandparents home,waking up in the morning and hearing that clock chiming.  Ayden is also going to learn to tell time from that clock.  He counts the number of chimes and tells us at the end of the chimes the time!  Priceless.  There is a leather recliner that his Grandpa sat in so there is great ties held in that piece as well and it has become home for my my hubby's body when he comes home from a days work.  I also received a sewing chest,like no other, made in Norway. 
Already filled it with some of my prized threads and notions.  Simply wonderful!

There were many other things that were given to us.  The most important thing given to us being their company.  Oh yeah and hugs and laughter!!  We went to the Life and Science Museum and the History museum in Raleigh and had a wonderful southern style BBQ lunch.  My MIL was able to see a Gone with the Wind exhibit at the History Museum and so when we returned we were able to watch it.  I have never seen it before and so it was a real treat for me.  I am excited to see the sequel soon!  There was also a visit from one of Josh's Aunts that lives nearby and some of his cousins.

Alright so that was a "list" that turned into an outpouring of what was really on my mind without me really truly knowing! 

Keep your heart on your family and your life will be grande!



Paulette said...

How wonderful to be on the receiving end of some family pieces, which will be loving reminders. That is an awesome sewing box!

Terriaw said...

wow, that sewing chest is so cool! I love hearing more about your family. So special to have such a great piece of furniture from your relatives. Good point to cherish those memories and treasure those special momentos we have.

Impera Magna said...

Family things handed down are such treasures... I know you'll enjoy the treasures you've received...