Monday, February 25, 2013


I am with cold once again this early part of the year and I do not like it one bit.  Ayden has gotten better from his cold which is good {he is much more exuberant after a cold},but this mommy is still toting kleenex and a water bottle around all day.  I usually have a water bottle attached to me anyway,but these last few days have been mainly so I don't have what I call a "coughing attack" and need water pronto:(  If I wasn't so stuffed up,  I could smell that chicken soup cooking slowly in the crockpot.  If my ears weren't so clogged up, I could hear Ayden clearer while he plays with his legos in his bedroom.  Ah well......................time for another kleenex.....blahhhck.  This ugly cold really needs to take a hike though soon as I have an energetic preschooler in the midst and MOPS on Wed.  Getting back to a regular scheduled exercise routine would be a pleasure.  {Though I did just run laps through the kitchen with Ayden a few times}

Enough about the sicky part of my life these last few days.  Time to break free and talk about some happy things that push me to get healthy!  Hey zinc,herbal teas and meds can't do it all you know;)  Episodes of Big Bang Theory never hurts either. 

Before my nose and the rest of my body said "no more!!"  I whipped out February's  Lucky Star BOM with a few seams ripped out,but none the less she's done and I think it looks fine and dandy:)  I added a little Art Gallery Lace Elements in there due to lack of pink from the other fabric lines I have been using for these stars. 
The ironing part is a little troublesome with the 6" size of this finished block,but forward ho!

My creativity was questioning what to do next after that.  I am at a temporary halt with the baby quilt commissions until further notice.  The Dancing Stars QAL was crying out to be next in line.  No arm pulling here!  I pulled fabrics in blues and reds and got to cutting 2 1/2" squares.  100's of those little guys!!

{Red} Fabric to include:
Ruby by Bonnie and Camille
Bliss by Bonnie and Camille
Little Folks by Anna Marie Horner  
Hometown by Basic Grey
Pop Garden by Heather Bailey
gingham in red
red strawberries from Jamie;)

{Blue} Fabric to include:

The Simple Life by Tasha Noel
Children at Play by Sarah Jane
blue and red dots
Blush by Basic Grey
Amy Butler prints
Hunky Dory by Chez Moi

**************************All are my style!!!!***********************************
It did take me FORever to pick out the color scheme I wanted for this quilt.  In the end it was between red,blue and pink or add in green and take out the green or something even different from that.  I really admire people like Camille Roskelley, Sarah Jane and Tasha Noel.  They have such a sweet demeanor and are so REAL!!  Their fabric plays so sweetly with one another all the time that it is hard to resist a playdate ever!

I also saw Amy Ellis' pattern for Dancing Stars in December and knew I had to make it.  Paper piecing did it once again!

With ALL that in my head, this must be a match to unveil in my sewing room!!!!!

Last night while waiting for hubby to return from work and Ayden and I watching cartoons,  I gathered up all of those red and blue squares and put them in that Godiva chocolate box from hubby!  I cut all the Kona Putty background fabric in 3 different sizes and the triangles for setting later on.  This is the *station* I set up quickly last night too.  All of the papers cut and pinned together for each star block, a rotary cutter for trimming those 1/4" seams with the ruler and a garbage can with my bag from Tammie as the fabric scrap catcher.

Once I ate my favorite breakfast of oatmeal with honey and raisins, it was on!  I had to get moving before that munchkin suspected his mommy was up to no good and woke up from his nights rest!

Almost got it all finished and then that cute little boy surprised me with a smile and hug.  I took a break and got him some Raisin Bran (his fave) and then the power. went. ka-pooee:/  All is well 30 minutes later and off I go back to the sewing room.  I can't leave a block unfinished yah know!

Btw, these star block cuties are going to be soooo treasured:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

I wonder how my chicken soup is doing.  It is past lunch time here.  Off to see!

Happy day to ya'll!


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StasaLynn said...

Both of your star blocks are fantastic - but I am a little partial to the second one! Job well done and cannot wait to see the finished treasure!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon!!! Ronnie and I went to urgent care after church yesterday and we both have ear infections. No fun at all...

Your dancing stars are gorgeous! I really like that Kona putty color, never seen it before. I used sand once but don't think I'll use it again. You really have to get one of those Tasha Noel prints!

Jessica said...

Feel better soon! I think I'm coming down with something, too :( LOVE your stars - usually I'm not a big red fan but I love yours!

Terriaw said...

Wowza, that first Lucky Star block is so gorgeous! I love the new shapes you used and the prints you put together. Hope you get better soon! I am finally over a month-long cold, so you have my sympathy and empathy. Think Spring!

craftytammie said...

i love that you found a use for that bag! and the stars are gorgeous. get better mama!