Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentines and a Baby quilt

Lots of love is in the air at my house apparently;)  lol   Valentines for Grandpa and Grandma.....

Fabric:Art Gallery Lace Elements and some dots from Moda
Hand courtesy of Ayden
Card reads, "Hands down...I love you the bestest!!!  {made up entirely by muaw}

Cards are one of those things that I look at on Etsy all the time,but never put forth the effort to make any of them.  Lazy bones I'm guessin'.

We had a great Valentines Day!  The hubby surprised me with wooden roses, {yes I said wooden} they last forever!  Also, he gifted me with some delicious Godiva chocolates YUM!  Ayden and I were also lucky enough to be his dates for the evening at an excellent local seafood restaurant.

Finally we went and bought some new phones at At&t that were desperately needed {honest}.  Galaxy has my *heart* when it comes to phones now!
 I found a really great quilting app the other day on there that I was able to plug in measurements to and instantly it gave me the exact amt I needed for this binding!  Sold!

 There is a really sweet,very helpful gal on my MOPS board that is due any day now with a baby boy.  Max will be his name to be exact.  I decided at the last minute that I was going to make her a quilt for Max!  I gathered up all of the blues and greens I could muster from my scrap bins first.  Then I pulled some flannel out from my stash closet and got to work.  It took me 3 days altogether to pull this one together and I was quite taken by the results.

It is sooooo stinking soft and cuddly.  I almost didn't want to part with it ya know.  Usually I don't fall for flannel fabric due to it pilling easily and quickly after a couple washes.  Anyone else relate?  I stay clear for the most part.  Well I bought this print that says "I love daddy, I love mommy."  Joann's had it on clearance and I guess at the time I had to have it apparently.  It finally sprung free and landed softly into this baby quilt!

Can't recall the last time I did a patchwork quilt either.  I need to do some more because they can be pretty *easy does it.*

Besides the flannel luxurious feel,there is also a very near to my heart print in there.  Backyard Baby Windy Day by Pat Sloniger is just unbelievably precious!!!!  Swings and trees are a good thing as is,but then the designer went and added a sweet dog and a carved heart in each tree---oh boy!!!!!!  This had to make it to the back of this was meant to be!

You know I stare at chevron fabric all the time online and in the store too,but I never buy any.  Why oh why do I torture myself.  Again.  And.  Again.  ???  Chevrons are heaven!!!!!

And just because of a certain 5 yr old at my house, here is a pic shared with a certain Angry Bird;)

Side note: The baby quilt was received with a surprise face from the mommy and a sincere thank you.

Goal accomplished.

Happy Day,



Paulette said...

What a sweet baby quilt, Sara! That binding is awesome. I've heard good things about the Galaxy. One day I'll enter the current decade with a smartphone, so it's good to hear your opinion.

Shauna said...

Sweet! Love the back as much as the front. Who wouldn't accept this lovely gift. Nice finish!

rebecca@letsbeoriginal said...

LOVE the quilt!! Would you mind sharing the name of the app that calculates the binding?

Kirsty said...

That is such a cute baby quilt! I love the Backyard Baby fabric it is just adorable.

Jessica said...

Your patchwork is stupendous!! I love the fabric you chose :) and the Valentines are precious - I'm sure they are much appreciated! By the way, I wanted to thank you for your advice awhile back on buying a Janome Memory Craft - I got one yesterday!!

Terriaw said...

It's still fun to get Valentine's in the mail as an adult, isn't it. Fun to see your sewing projects too!

Sarah Craig said...

Love that little baby quilt, Sara! The flannel is so sweet - I hadn't seen that one before. Whoop whoop!!

Live a Colorful Life said...

What a sweet baby quilt. I'm sure it will be so well loved!

Erin said...

The chevron binding is great. What a pretty quilt.