Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Feeling Inside

Today was a great day!  Ayden and I went to Jeff's Sewing and Vac here in Martinez to pick up my machine that was getting a general tune up.  It was really cool too because I had a $10 off coupon and so it was only $44.50--YEAY!!  Everyone is so sweet in there and so down to earth, of course they adored Ayden; )

Next we went to Hancock's Fabrics, but I didn't really care for the selection there so we hit up Joann's.  I knew they had their 99 cent fat quarter sale going on--woot, woot!  SO, I got 6 of them beauties and then my Shape Plus Cutter for $10 because it was 50%off!!  By that point Ayden was getting wiggly and clingy so we finally came home.

I went to check my email shortly after I brought in my newly cleaned machine and there was an email from SewMamaSew--must be the 4 addresses for the fabric swap I needed--another YEAY!!!  I printed all the addresses on my envelopes that were all prepped with my return address on them, place a fat quarter in each one and a stamp.  Now I just have to sneak off to the post office tomorrow and mail those stinkers after I make sure the correct postage is on them.  I recieved 3 addresses from ladies in CA and one address from a lady in ID.

Last, I am going to go try out my machine and see how she is running currently: )

Enjoy ya'lls night!


jacquie said...

hi sara,
you asked about where i got my fabric storage cubes...i got them at costco...i have two sets...they're easy to put together and they are the perfect size for two stacks of fabric. let me know if i can help in any way,

Sara said...

The nearest Costco is in Atlanta--BOOO! Oh well, maybe something else similar somewhere in Augusta is out there for me! Thank you so much for your quick response!