Sunday, April 11, 2010

Touch of the Heart

One can of juice, 2 boxes of cereal, one bag of pasta,one bag of dried beans, couple cans of fruit, couple cans of veggies and 5 cans of evaporated milk that is all you get for a MONTH.  The box has to weigh 25lbs.  How many are in the family?  What could you possibly make from these things alone?

This is what we are faced with in our society today---something that many of us may be blinded by---poverty.

I was at a local food pantry called Golden Harvest here in GA yesterday for a few hours and was able to get a reality check with many others from New Passion (my home church).  We packed 400 boxes which will be EVERYthing to a family somwhere in the Augusta area soon.  It made me feel good to help.  Ultimately, a family will feel completely grateful for this nourishment however small it may seem to you or I.

This is not something to make you feel guilty, but it is something to make you clearly aware of what is occurring in just outside the comfort of our homes.  God is crying out for each of us to not only make ourselves aware, but take some interest further by loving others through action.  More action and then MORE action easing up the tension all around us and placing hope in someone's heart; very well a little girl or boy's heart.

If you happen to read this take some time to think about this and thank God for all that you have inherited from Him, that is truly not of this world, but could only be from our Creator.

God Bless

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