Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Chilling" Quilt Top

Penguins, polar bears and everything "chilly"---- picture blue waters,icicles,snow,icebergs, Antarctica and some sun every once in awhile peaking through the cold air.  Are you following me here???  Not sure what will become the backing yet, but more to come when I get back from WI. HA!!!  I know, I know you wanted instantaneous results sorry.  Speaking of finishing a quilt, I am thinking of going in on a roll of batting with a few other fellow quilters.  That way we can split the cost and be economical--and BEST of all get some great Warm and Natural batting!  Any takers??

Goodnight to ya'll for now.


Andi said...

Nice quilt! I love the snippets of orange you've scattered throughout.

Tracey Jacobsen said...

it's really cute!

(You can buy part of a bolt when it goes on sale at JoAnn's... that's what I did and I love it!)