Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Few of My Favorite Things...

winning gorgeous fabric over at Puking Pastilles!

AND the cool blue and brown business card holder from her sister, Naomi over at Killer Bee Designs!  If that wasn't enough I also received a bookmark and red, white and blue earrings from 2 other gals that are on a team with Naomi!!!  So amazing Naomi and Georgia!!!  WOOOOWEEEE!!

Scored my first vintage bed linens, 2 pillowcases, at a local thrift store making me even more happy:P

If that wasn't enough to make me grin from ear to ear I don't know what else would---BUT then I started to look for a hat for Ayden for Disney next Tuesday and within **seconds** came across this one!!  (Squeal)
 Just sitting there for Ayden's blonde head and priced at $1.00.

Some $5 smoked salmon sushi rolls sealed the deal  day  <3

Hope ya'll are enjoying Wednesday.



Andi said...

I wondered if you were the Sara who won the fabric! Congrats! What are your plans for the pillowcase? I have one too...but I really want to find more so I can make a quilt.

Sara said...


Thanks! I was pretty psyched! Maybe a quilt top or pieced backing. I saw some really, really cute skirts made by a blogger that isn't too far from me in GA. Her sewing skills were on Sew Mama Sew the other day. She makes them all out of vintage bed linens!! So yeah the sky is the limit---for now I am just loving the idea of trying to find them:) Enjoy the rest of your week!