Wednesday, June 2, 2010

homemade tortillas

All I'm gonna say is no more prepackaged tortillas for this family!!  Cheaper and yummier is always homemade in my eyes:)  I will let you check out the finished product after I tell ya that it take 1/2 hr to let the dough sit, then another 2 hrs. after you roll them into balls---not too bad;)

The recipe book I snatched this great recipe out of is called Dining on a Dime.   Check it out because this cookbook rocks!!!  Got the urge to buy it after I saw my friends copy;)  (Love ya Steph!)

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DuhBe said...

I still haven't tried homemade flour tortillas - they seem too involved for me. (which is funny, because it's probably similar to making Roti bread and I don't hesitate to make that)

But we LOVE making homemade corn tortilla with our $10 metal tortilla press. Tacos are just not the same without the homemade tortillas anymore.