Sunday, June 6, 2010

more potholder love:p

Here are pics of the backs and fronts of both.  Now that I am done with them and see how cutesy they turned out I may make some more for family members.  Plus I still have more Insul-Brite for the insides:)  Will have to wait until I return from my trip though:(  So happy to be going on vacation, but yet I am secretly going to miss my "machine."  Well I guess it's not a secret anymore, ah well all of the quilters and sewing fanatics can understand. 


Terriaw said...

These are really gorgeous! I love the splashes of color. I do know what you mean about missing your sewing machine on vacation! Prolly sounds crazy to "others." Enjoy your trip!

Stephany said...

You are becoming quite the quilting fiend! Send some of this stuff my way K? LOL