Saturday, November 27, 2010

Birthday wishes come true

If any of you read my posts often, you know that I have been craving some older collections of Tula Pink:)  Satisfied that!!!

 Some of these, also on my list-----check!!


A few days before my Birthday I received a package from UPS that MY sweetie told me would be coming and that  I would have to sign for it---my brain was in full gear at that point-----WHAT IS IT?!

Waited for that UPS guy until 5PM, signed for it and brought into the kitchen--heart pounding.  Slowly open the small box---hmmm what COULD IT BE?!  

Kay Jewelers appeared on a flier inside---wh----atttttttttttt IS it???????????

The blue print is a hint:)

This is IT!!!!!!

 Sapphires and diamonds--chaaaaching!!!!!  Need some insurance people!  

 The hubby has EXCELLENT TASTE IF I do say so myself--and I called him right away of course to thank him and he asked me if I liked it----OF COURSE!!!!!  Awesome!!!!  You rock BABY!!!

  If that wasn't awesome enough, this year my Birthday was on Black Friday---hmmm, well, I could look at that in a bad way or a good one.

 I chose to work it to my benefit---he,he: )

Woke up early, AND I mean as early as 5AM and headed over to Joann's AND then again today at around 6:30AMAyden slept over at a friend's the first day and today I bought him breakfast for coming along!


Thread was $40 with gift card and 20% off     say WHAT!!!!!
Cutting table $60!!!!!!  It's all assembled and ready to be broken in--Ayden helped his momma;)

I'm in heaven (sing along!!)

Afterward it was onto Toys R Us for Ayden's presents--tis the season of course.  Got some great deals there as well.  The little guy will be very pleased.  I also scored some great outfits that were marked down and the cutest sleeper ever:)

Later, I drove my friend, Steph's car back to her house, I used it for the big stuff I purchased and helped her get ready for her trip.  

Finally we ate some Birthday pizza and then Steph and her family wished me a Happy Birthday with a molten cake and a candle on top---love ya Steph!!!!!  She brought me upstairs  to pick out some fabric from her stash too!!!! (definitely doing that for her Birthday in Feb;)

COULDN'T HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER BIRTHDAY!!!!!  Turning 30 isn't so bad after all---I just divulged my age---yikes---not a bad feeling either.

OK well this old fart has to hit the hay now because I am pooped just talking about all that!!! 

Love ya'll,




Terriaw said...

Wah? It was your birthday yesterday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I didn't realize you were a fellow sagittariun - how cool is that. Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday, especially with all those goodies. Wish I lived closer so I could bring a birthday cupcake! Love your Plume layer cake, but those shoes really rock, especially the high-top style. I'm so jealous. I have to confess, I totally stayed away from stores on Black Friday, so I'm envious of the deals. Happy birthday again, and enjoy your new treats!

Sarah Craig said...

Hoowee, girl, you scored good for your birthday! And 30? You're just a baby! It's about time to forget about numbering your birthdays, though - just act the age you feel!! Happy birthday!!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Yep your hubby did good this year! You can never go wrong with sapphires.

I am impressed that you got up and braved the elements on your birthday. You got some really good deals, especially the thread! Now you will have every color of the rainbow at your finger tips.

Again, happy belated birthday,

Rebecka said...

Happy belated Birthday!! WOW! I love your necklace! Your husband does have great taste. He picked you! Love your thread holder and cutting table you scored!

Stephany said...

It was a pretty neat birthday! :) Lucky girl picking up such great deals!

Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

Happy belated Birthday Sara!!! What a fabulous day! Your necklace is gorgeous. Lucky girl. : )