Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is this the Southwest?(long post sorry)

I have been called to make a quilt for the guest bedroom and to try to finish it in time for my MIL's visit.  This is at the hubby's request.   I am secretly very pleased to do so, BUT I like to give him some heck for it along the way-he,he.

Onto the room,  before we moved into our new house, we had a Southwest theme going for us in our house in Arizona and in Georgia.  By the time we arrived in NC, we were tired of it to say the least.  We thought we would hey ,why not let our guests experience a little Southwest when they come out to see us!  Well, that, AND we didn't want to trash all the accumulated items that we had to include vases,rugs,a rustic ladder,pictures,EVEN a bulls head that we rescued from our visit to Mexico years ago.  (The bull's head is in good taste I promise.)

Once my expertise skills were called upon, the hubs and I had to come up with a pattern that we both could agree on.  One that we would see day after day, month after month(you get the picture!).  I started flipping through magazines and the hubs started looking online.  Back and forth we disagreed on this.  He kept picking out these patterns that were over the top with applique and other things that would take some time and HELOO I only have 5 weeks to create this glorious quilt!!  I LOVE my hubby dearly as ya'll know, BUT  a lot of the time sometimes he likes to push my buttons to see what I will say.  All in good fun though.

Anyway----I was flipping through a magazine and picked out a pattern and he said that he would rather it be with points, more SW looking I guess.  Then THE LIGHT BULB moment!!!  I went and grabbed my beloved Star Jewels pattern I was given from Chasing Cottons, Rebecca.  I have been sitting on this particular pattern for months due to other quilting projects of course.  I brought it to him and HE LIKED IT INSTANTLY!!!!! 

The journey began......ok so now what were the colors going to be for this SW themed quilt???  We looked at some SW rugs online and got some ideas. 

Top to bottom: Kona Garnet, Spice, Lagoon and Black

This is the pattern I am using:)  OH how I heart this pattern.  Adore. it. so. 

I am working with 2.5" diamonds for the center star.  They started off as a trial let me just tell ya'll.  I have never  done 45 degree angles OR anything like it.  My seams were ripped out 3 times on one "point" of the star and then the 2nd star "point" was ripped out 4 times.  THEN.  I stopped and thought there has GOT TO BE a way to do this and get those seams dead on.  Don't get me wrong Rebecca your pattern is wonderful, I just needed a picture for me that I could decipher.  I tend to always need just that extra simple description.  Just how I work I guess.  I am also that person that has to read directions 10 times before I "get" it!!

After about an hr of scouring the internet for a great tute on how to join the diamond rows once they are sewn as 3 to a row. The quilting board  website came to the rescue with a gal's link to a fabulous tutorial for doing diamonds on a star---yipppeeee!!!!!!!!!!!  My day was turned around and in a matter of 5 minutes I had not 1, BUT 2 diamond points completed and starched!!  All with pins as well!  NOW I must confess I do not use pins regularly, please don't hate me  This particular quilt---OH yes you bet your booty I am going to use pins because it works!!!

I really wish I could show you my three points that I have completed so far.  The camera battery is MIA and  a new one is being ordered.  Technology eh.

Off to do some more piecing and pinning;)



Terriaw said...

That is a beautiful color palette for your newest project. What a great idea to hold onto your love of the Southwest decor in the guest room. Gorgeous quilt pattern - looks like a fun project to work on. Can't wait to see your finished beauty!

Sarah Craig said...

Congratulations on whipping those points into line! I hope you get your camera battery by Friday so you can link up for a whoop whoop!!