Sunday, June 12, 2011

Swap til I drop?

Never!!!(insert sarcasm please)

two Anna Marie Horner voile prints (no voile in my stash so can you use them in quilts or just for petting over and over?)
Thinkin' Heather Bailey has officially reeled me in with her designs!  Pop Garden is my cup of tea most def!!

These are all from Nancey over @ Kite and String.  Why?  Cuz she wanted a certain designer fabric that I had and so we swapped to our hearts content!
Don't think I will be "droppin" any time soon;)
Excuse me while I go gawk some more at these beauties.


Terriaw said...

I love swapping fabrics with fellow fabric-obsessed sewing bloggers! Love the prints you exchanged. Always fun to get new fabrics for your stash.

Stephany said...

I wish I could swap some of my fabrics.....and you already know how much I adore Heather Bailey. Have you went on her website? she has paper products and party supplies too!