Saturday, June 18, 2011

Strawberry Fields Giveaway!!

Have not posted in a few days due to camera charger being shipped.  BUT I did get it today and my battery is charging as we speak.  Another 1 hr to go!!!  I found out I cannot live without IT!!!!

Small need,just a small one (insert sarcasm) for my camera so I can snap some photos of my Star Jewels top:)  Still waiting for the rest of the fabric to arrive,but it will be here Monday for sure.  Thank you awesome people.  More on them later!

ANYWHO, I have been ooogling at fabric over at flickr the last few days too.  Trying to do a couple swaps here and there.  No such luck yet.  While there, I discovered another designer I reallly, reallllllly like!  Tanya Whelan and her Dolce,Darla and Delilah lines are scrumptious ya'll!!!

Getting way off track here, but that is easy when you start talking about fabric as ya'll know and LOVE;)

1Choice4Quilting is having a FAN-STINKIN-TASTIC giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IF you like Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree then you NEED to head on over and discover IT!!!  (YES I am talking about more fabric,hey you don't mind!)

Are ya drooling yet, are ya,are ya??

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Stephany said...

it is pretty stinkin cute. I will have to go check it out :)