Friday, August 26, 2011


I really started thinking of the process of a quilt with this top.

This time.

Cutting fabric.

Counting how many squares I have...then realizing I need to "hunt" down some more.

Slight worried that I may not have more.

Digging through my scrap drawer for purple AGAIN.

The challenge is good therapy, at least for me!

Matching the seams.

And finding that they are not so matched:/  (Perfectionism?  nah)

Telling my inner voice it's alright no one is going to be pointing fingers;)

Side note: I received some great info for great pins to buy on #talknt Tuesday night!  Love those women and men on there.

Why was I worried?

No sweat!

I am a quilter AND we always work it out.  lol!!!!

OR keep trying:)

 Sandwich,pin and FMQ on the agenda today.  

Challenges here I come;)


Terriaw said...

This turned out fabulous, and you pieced it together so quickly! I'm really loving the set-in squares in between the grey sashing - cool effect.

Jessica said...

I. love. this. so. much. Are you selling this in your etsy shop when you are done? I spy some Central Park :)

craftytammie said...

it's beautiful! love the purple and grey together!

Sarah Craig said...

Good for you, Sara! It's a great quilt!! Whoop whoop!!