Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Majestic aka pain in the TUKIS!!

***Warning some ranting to follow....

My Ayden came in with a "purple" icy pop for his distraught mommy;)  See that little tan circle in there too.  That is a lifesaver for pulling thread through the fabric and popping those quilters knots in nicely;)

Blurry pic yes,BUT the point is this is the area of the Majestic top that had me huffing and puffing.  In the beginning I had wanted to do a flower of some sort in the middle.

I have had this book since last year and thought it was high time I pick something out and do it.  Plus Aimee Ray included a disk in the back with all the patterns--yippee!  I printed off the design I desired and clipped it to some tracing paper and traced away.

****Insert drama here...................Then I went to place the design on the quilt and pin it down.  Went over to my machine and started to stitch using my darning foot.  ****Urggggggghhhhh*****  Stitches were coming out really small and tight and UGLY all around.  A pickin' I went with Mr. Ripper and then back at it (just HAD to try again!) same thing.  You get the idea right?

BACK TO THE ABOVE PIC-----------Hubby comes in and says"I don't think you will be able to do that on your machine."  ME: " I should be able to do it."  HUBBY: "don't think so,why don't you hand sew it with the thread on your machine?"  ME: ****Urggggggggghhhh****

Next up Gutermann thread, FAIL!  The "Quilters knots" were starting to come out as soon as I finished.  AND it took a movie and a couple episodes of Smallville AND a tired right hand to get her done;)

Next day comes:)  I figured I will get her all quilted  and then I will figure out that darn flower yet.

Today I get the binding on and take a look at her again all put together.  Right away I think I have to remove all those stitches and fill it in with some good ole' white perle #8 cotton.  Crazy quilter on the loose!!  That's right and that is what you see above in the first pic! 

End result is worth it,not worried about loose threads anymore from that DA-gone flower.  I can sleep easy he,he,he!  It didn't even take that long to remove them all and replace with the white thread, maybe 1/2 hr tops.

The actual quilting is swirls or I like to think of them as the phone cords we all used to have on our table top phones--remember those??? he,he  Spring-like and random!  Kona Coal I have to mention too---lovin' IT!!!!!  And the binding was adorned with some Coal power too!!!

Tomorrow I am taking a better pic of this flower I speak of so fondly;)

Ta-da:P  see those white stitches in that flower?

None of my previous backings have had a pieced strip added.  Cheers to finally doing it!  I managed to take just about every print from the front and put them in the strip too.  Thinking that floral print at the top really shines fabulously as well:):):)

See the purple in the top right of the Shout Color Catcher?  It took any bleeding from my purple quilt and the worries away!!  Such a fabulous product!  I had to brag about them.

Majestic measures 37x47
Dear Majestic,

Your stubbornness made me want to finish you in style even more---HA!!  I am a STRONGER quilter.

Thanks for the memories.  Hope you make it into a great new home!

P.S.  For now you will be in my Growing Stitches Shop.


Sarah Craig said...

Well, despite all the trials, the quilt turned out lovely! I am also a huge fan of Kona Coal, and love putting my scraps from the front into the back - it really takes a strain off my scrap baskets!! My current quilt project has both those features - Coal and a coin strip! Great minds think alike, I guess!

Linda said...

I really love how it turned out!

Terriaw said...

Love how your purple quilt turned out! This was such a quick finish!

Jessica said...

Sara. I can't tell you how much I ADORE this quilt. LOVE. And the flower is perfect! The backing turned out spectacular, too!

Nicky said...

Well done for persevering - you did a great job in the end!