Thursday, September 1, 2011

Full of Surprises

What have you been up to you ask?  OR should I be asking you that?  Ah, well I have come to think I need to be real busy round here!

Case in point....

Here is a wallet started last week,need to get a zipper to continue onward.  It's blurry for a reason.  Don't want that MIL sneaking a peak yet!  (Sorry Teri!)

Mamacjt had the perfect tree skirt pattern---snatched!!!!!!    {That woman is a riot too in case you were wondering!  She is from WI so of course we get along like nobody's business.}  Wondering what fabric to use in this skirt now.  Maybe this,this or even THIS.

As for the color chart, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!!  ALL of you were great bloggers in helping make a decision for my color palette in Lily's Quilts QAL coming up:)  I came up with Kona in:

Top to bottom: Ocean, Cerise, Canary, Crocus and Bluejay

Hubby helped me last night and he originally came up with:
Kona Violet and I switched to Cerise because I feel the Violet is too close to the Crocus.

Colors not so easy does it for mu-aw:/

********Advice needed again!********

Thinkin' of some Heirloom mixed in too and/or some Anthology fabric or Jay McCarroll in purples with yellows-yum!

A couple of months ago my friend Deb sent me some dresden petals from her AccuQuilt GO machine.  They've been taking up space on a shelf since then.  Taking them ON!

There is a red,yellow and blue color combo emerging and I really LOVE this!  Each of the petals have "notches" so you can line up the fabric VERY easy peasy. 

Started using this miracle in a bottle awhile back I have come to really like it dependability and the price of $2 one cannot beat!  I took some cardboard from an empty oatmeal canister and cut it into a dresden template to help me press those dang raw edged tips under with the Niagara starch.  Instead of hand sewing these down,going for it on my machine folks.  Blanket stitch could look sweet!  I did a running stitch around the circle completely and then put another piece of that oatmeal container cardboard inside it.  Press away.

********background fabric choices********

ME IN red with white DOTS???!!!!!


ME with Kona Ocean or Marine(?)???!!!!!

OH and look what I got in the mail today------------------>

I signed up for it awhile ago and was surprised to see it.  Free books can be sent to you for your child through Imagination Library started by Dolly Parton!!!  Such a nice organization!!!  Ayden REALLY like to have mommy and daddy read to him on a weekly basis.  OH and there is also a little flyer they put inside that tells a little history behind the particular book you received,some questions to discuss after reading the book and a coloring page.  If you have a child/children go check it out!!



Linda said...

I think both colors look good, so you won't go wrong with whatever you choose. I happen to love red, so of course that is what I would choose. You probably lean toward one over the other, though, and that is the one you should choose. Just use your instincts!

Paulette said...

Your Dresdens are looking great! Good idea to make the cardboard pressing template with those curved edges. Could be quite frustrating without it, I imagine. I'm liking the red background myself.

Miri said...

Lovely dresden plates! I really like them on the blue background.

Sarah Craig said...

And I'll even up the score and say that I like the blue best - it's a little calmer, which seems to appeal to me this morning! Whoop whoop!!

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

Love the dresdens! I use Niagra too as I refuse to spend 3-4x on the designer stuff. I was mad because we could only find it at one Walmart out of the many in our area and someone bought them all when they were put out! Finally Hancocks started carrying it.

Rebecka said...

I like your colors you picked. The Christmas tree skirt pattern is so cute!! You have been busy!!