Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brain Load

Where to has been happening with our family.  As an Army family that is, there is never a dull moment to say the least.  Things are just starting up too, but it will keep us busy and out of trouble right!  Ayden will be displaying his monkey abilities in tumbling starting Monday.  A week later MOPS will be set into gear and on and ON.

For the sewing mommy, there is commissions to be made and more quilts for the shop as well.  I am happy about this though.  This is what I wanted and so I better buckle down and get at it! 

Potholder sets for the shop.  I used some Aurifil variegated thread on these guys and I am happy about it.  Fun to make these too of course.

Embroidery stitching took off on this dresden the other day and I have finally finished with a nice smile on my face.

Enjoy the Bella solid in this one very much so.

Circles and vine like swirls for the quilting.  I had a great time with it.

I stitched with a blue variegated perle cotton thread around the whole outer Dresden plate and the inner red dots with a variegated yellow.

A little yellow flower stitched at each of the four corners with a french knot in the center.

Binding is ready to be sewn to the front and she will be in my Etsy shop.

I took advantage of some leftover binding strips and a few 2 1/2" scraps to make it work.  This is one of my favorite things to do.  It gets rid of all the extras nicely;)

gift box/take out container full of binding leftovers..........they will get used eventually when the right project comes along.

Commissions are on the board.......

Christmas Potholders

2 twin size quilts

Possibly a full size quilt (waiting for a response)

2 Twin size quilts are to be identical.  They are going to be shades of blues with a pop of red and a little white here and there.  Thinking maybe a white 4" border around the outside to frame the square within a square pattern I have chosen.

After drawing this puppy out, I am contemplating the EQ7 more and more---just sayin' folks!!

And these would be nice for brainstorming which are here.

Also, came across this for Ayden.

Really cool shop run in Thailand.

Back to the twin quilts Sara!!!!  Sidetracked by Etsy designers sorry:)

Here is one block I made so far....131 to gooooooooooooooooooo.

From the stash,I will probably need a little more,some navy in there and a couple more red prints,but it's a really good start.

Hope I interested you in some of my recent happenings.  It is a stack of projects, but I can't complain. one.bit.


Miss Hillbilly said...

And this will be why I am so undecided about re-opening my Etsy shop. How do you get the time with little one underfoot?

Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life said...

Love the colors of the last one! Aqua and red are very in right now.

And when I actually get to making my first real quilt, I'll be emailing you for help! I'm kinda nervous :)

Jessica said...

Someone's been busy! :) Congrats on all those commissions and the Dresden is gorgeous! Love the quilting.

Teri Strange said...

Love it ALL!! Glad you're so busy!! Hugs & Kisses! ♥

Sarah Craig said...

Love your potholders, and your Dresden block looks awesome!! It's all beautiful... whoop whoop!!

Paulette said...

You've been busy, girl! I really like your loopy quilting on the Dresden, and the blanket stitch around the outside edge.