Thursday, September 29, 2011


I won a gift card to Fashionable Fabrics a few weeks ago and so I had to buy 2 of my favorite prints from Little Apples and then some Sarah Jane rockets.  Adore her prints!!

Next up is the cutest shop I have seen lately called The Little Fabric Shop.  Customer service is fantastic and the inventory is HUGE!  Stop by Angie's little shop and take a looksie! 
OK need I say more, I finally was able to nab some girl on the swing from Sherbet Pips.  A yard to be exact and it is EVEN cuter in person with those little apples,the porcupine and snails---eeekkk!  This is going to a special project in the future.  I am starting to see it disappear a bit in fabric stores so I thought I better snatch some quick;)

Heath in Pink (1/4 Yard)
Just Wing It Trees in Pink (1/4 Yard)
Opal in Fuchsia (1/4 Yard)
Secret Garden Sandi Henderson(1/4 Yard)
Sarah Jane Children at Play Pinwheels (1/4 Yard)
Circa Reindeer Games (1/2 Yard)
Sunkissed Skinny Lines (1/4 Yard)
Riley Blake Sweet Stripe (1/4 Yard)   

Do you ever buy fabric thinking you need to stock up on a certain color?  I thought I needed pinks,but it turns out I could use more oranges.  The again some blues too after the 2 twin commission ones!  It seems to never be complete does it??!  Ah well, like my hubby always says, "I am sure it is going to kill you to buy another yard of fabric if needed?"  he,he...

Amy over Amy's Creative Side mentioned this a couple weeks ago on Talkin' Tuesdays---->

I have not been able to try these baby's out yet, but Amy said that she really likes using them.  You put them on your fingers when hand sewing things to ease the pressure on your finger tips.  They help you push the needle through quite nicely as well.  I purchased them here.  Jill threw in a free pattern as well!  I love the name too.  Poke-A-Dots.  I will give a review soon I hope.

I have been doing other things besides put-sing around online looking for really cute shops ya know!

I completed the 2 twin tops the other day.

Some of the designers whom have graced their presence in these are Jennifer Paganelli, Amy Butler,Denyse Schmidt,Kate Spain,Me and My Sisters, Sandi Gervais, Tula Pink and some Kona colors.  I will take an outdoor pic soon. I wanted to get this post up out of excitement and took this one at night inside. 

Like I said above I need more blue!!!  About 5 more yards to be exact.  It will probably be some Kona Robins Egg.  It is also time to buy some batting.  Joann's here I come!

Remember the wallet I showed you two glimpses of in the last 2 weeks??

I had an itch to finish it yesterday.  Jennifer Paganelli is getting some love form me lately.  I really love the blues in this wallet with the snap closure color.  It is so stunning in person:)

 Tula Pink made her presence as well and a little Kona.  Gosh I love Kona---it saves me every time!  The placement of the snap tab came out a bit off, but I think it will be fine.

Zippered coin purse area showing off some Tula!

Pocket underneath the zipper purse

In my Etsy shop to purchase.

at the park for a MOPS get together:)

 Happy Thursday ya'll!!


Paulette said...

So much wonderful-ness to see here, Sara! First, I have to admit to swooning over that Opal fuchsia fabric. I mean, seriously. Your blues quilt turned out so cute! Is that a D9P you used? Love the pop of color in the middle section. Great zip purse too!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the shop link! I bookmarked it, I'll definitely be shopping there. Such a big selection! Such a cute wallet, by the way. :) Love the fabric you used!